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Fourth Class: Information for Parents/Guardians

General Information & Communication

  • Parents can contact teachers for any class queries by sending a message through Aladdin Connect or emailing the school at
  • For administration queries, please send them to



Encouraging Positive Behaviour

Individual Homework Vouchers for excellent effort

Whole Class: Class Credits/Rewards for performance (10 Credits = Choice of Golden Time/Extra Art or PE or Science Experiment)



Recommended Time:     30-40 Mins (including 10 mins reading)

Parents are required to sign Homework Journal each night.


The 3 main components of Reading in 4th are:

  • Guided Reading
  • SRA Reading Laboratory
  • Class Novel (“The Wreck of the Zanzibar”)

The following Writing Genres will be covered:

Narrative (Story)

Information Report


Recount (past events)

Weekly Spellings are taken from the Jolly Grammar Programme.


Pupils have access to Mathletics and can do Mathletics activities at home as well.


  • Cuirfidh na daltaí drámaí beaga ar siúl.
  • Beidh roinnt dánta agus amhráin le foghlaim acu.
  • Léitheoireacht ó na téacsleabhair “Bun go Barr” agus “Léigh sa Bhaile”
  • Litriú
  • Briathra: Aimsir Chaite agus Aimsir Fháistineach na príomhbriathra

Pupils will take part in mini-dramas.

Poems and songs will be taught.

Reading based on “Bun go Barr” and “Léigh sa Bhaile”.

Irish Spellings will be taught.

Grammar: The Past and Future Tense of the main verbs will be taught.



History, Geography & Science

Topics in History will range from the local (eg history of Ennis National School) to looking at ancient civilisations (The Romans, China). We’ll also look at the recent history of Fashion and recount some stories from the past.

Topics covered in Geography include a look at County Kerry with flying visits to Italy and China. Our School Tour to the Burren is normally preceded by a classroom presentation by Burren guide Tony Kirby as part of the Schools Heritage Programme.

The pupils will complete mini-projects in History or Geography.

Science is “hands-on” with Electricity, Magnetism and Light on the menu. The School Garden is currently being developed and will provide opportunities for studying plants, birds and insects.


Visual Arts, Music & Drama

Drama is integrated in many lessons across the subject range, eg Gaeilge, English (the novel, poetry), oral language games, History, SPHE.

The 4th Class Christmas Musical combines drama and music.

Music lessons comprise tuition in the Tin Whistle, Song Singing and exposure to the basic elements of music.

Pupils also have the opportunity to sing in the School Choir and play in the School Band. As with drama, music forms a major part of the Christmas show.

The strands of the Visual Arts Curriculum are Paint and Colour, Drawing, Construction, Fabric and Fibre, Clay and Printing.

Work is displayed and art activities are often linked to other subjects.

Pupils can participate in Ms Harding’s Knitting Club.

Physical Education

Pupils will be required to wear the school tracksuit and runners for PE lessons.

The strands of the PE Curriculum covered in 4th Class are Athletics, Gymnastics, Games, Outdoor and Adventure Activities and Dance.

Pupils will take part in regular “Class Runs” on the school grounds.

There are no swimming classes in 4th Class.

Social, Personal and Health Education

The 4th Class SPHE programme consists of the following:

  • Teacher-designed lessons
  • Relationship and Sexuality Programme
  • Fire Safety/Water Safety/Internet Safety
  • Emphasis on Citizenship and belonging to a whole world community
  • Linkage to “Grow in Love”



The Class will follow the “Grow in Love” programme.

Seasonal Themes are observed (eg Christmas, Easter).

A School Mass/Prayer Service takes place every September to open the school year.

A “Sacred Space” is located inside the Red Door in the Senior Wing of the School.

Catholic Schools Week is marked and celebrated.

Confessions take place in the school.



Assessment happens on a formal and informal basis

Weekly tests are conducted, normally on Friday and teachers may run a “Monthly Quiz” as a form of revision.

Pupils will be tested on topics as they are covered in Maths.

The SRA Reading Programme assesses progress in reading on an ongoing basis.

The SWST (Single Word Spelling Test) will be conducted in September and may be repeated with some pupils at the end of the year.

Standardised Tests in Maths (Sigma-T) and Reading (Drumcondra) are run in May.


Any Other Information

Pupils will aspire to graduate from pencil to pen during the course of 4th Class. Pen Licences will be awarded based on the quality and consistency of handwriting and layout in copies.

The School Tour takes place in May or June. Traditionally, the 4th Class Tour is to the Ailwee Caves including a visit to the Bird of Prey Centre. The pupils then walk a “green road” through the Burren into Ballyvaughan.