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Welcome to Fifth Class!

Fifth Classes are located upstairs in Rooms 22, 23 and 24. Class teachers for the current year are: Collette Browne, Laura Hehir and Seán Cullinan.

The following is an outline of some of the additional programmes and initiatives that we undertake in Fifth Class:


McCullough Shield

  • This is an annual competition between the three Fifth classes with a wide variety of categories which include sports, singing, composing and reciting poetry, handwriting, tidy copy checks, uniform checks, art, draughts, accelerated reader and quizzes to name but a few.

Bóthar Sale

  • This is a bring and buy sale where the children of Fifth class organise the collection of toys/books/buns etc, present them in stalls in their classrooms and are responsible for the sale of the items.
  • This takes place each December and all the proceeds collected are donated to the charity Bóthar.

Guided Reading

  • Guided Reading is an instructional approach to reading where a teacher works with a small group of students each reading levelled readers.
  • Children are grouped according to their similarities in reading development.
  • Comprehension strategies are introduced and taught and every child reads and is supported by a teacher.


  • It is expected that Fifth class pupils would read for pleasure at home for a minimum of 15 minutes daily.
  • Each child has their own unique password to log on to A.R. and complete a quiz on the book they have finished.

Project Work

  • Independent and group research on different topics for display, PowerPoint and oral presentation purposes.

Team Sports and Activities

  • Children in fifth class will all have the opportunity to try-out, train and participate in the following group/team activities:
    • Hurling, Camogie, Football, Choir, Band, Quiz team, Chess, Draughts, Soccer, Basketball, Swimming, Athletics and Cross Country.


  • An average of between 30 – 40 minutes Monday to Thursday.