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Welcome to Fifth Class!

Fifth Classes are located upstairs in Rooms 22, 23 and 24. Class teachers for the current year are: Enda O’Connor, Seán Cullinan and Colette Browne.

General Information & Communication

  • Parents can contact teachers for any class queries by sending a message through Aladdin Connect or emailing the school at
  • For administration queries, please send them to


Encouraging Positive Behaviour

5th class encourage the daily motto of “Be Kind”

Rewards systems are in place for catching and rewarding positive behaviour as per school policy – based on the Incredible Programme.

Homework passes are distributed to encourage positive behaviour.



5th Class teachers recommend that students spend 30 to 40 minutes daily on homework from Monday to Thursday. Homework journals should be signed to encourage an open communication between parents and teacher. Homework is a revision of the daily activities completed in class. If your child is having difficulty completing homework please let the teacher know.



5th class complete a cycle of Guided Reading in blocks of 8 weeks throughout the school year to develop comprehension skills and expand on writing/vocabulary. Accelerated Reader is an ongoing reading comprehension programme where students will read for pleasure and quiz to assess their knowledge of what they read.


Daily morning revision activities are completed by 5th class using the New Wave Maths programme. This affords the students the opportunity to revise old material and challenge themselves with a variety of questions from all corners of the Maths curriculum.

A key focus of the 5th class Maths programme is developing word problem skills. Children are encouraged to use the RUDE strategy (Read, Underline, Draw and Estimate.)



Gaeilge neamhfhoirimiúl is promoted daily in the 5th class corridor. Pupils are familiar with lining up, entering and exiting the classroom in response to Irish directions.

Seanfhocails, scéalta, dánta agus amhráin are utilised to bring the spoken language alive.


History, Geography & Science

Project work

Active learning with research groups

History topics including Ancients Greeks, Influential women in History and Northern Ireland

Investigations and experiments.


Visual Arts, Music & Drama

Visual Arts, Music & Drama are utilised as key methodologies for integration with other subjects on a daily basis. Explicit lessons include drawing techniques, painting, study of famous artists and craft and design with The Crafty Club.



Physical Education

McCullough Shield activities are a regular occurrence in 5th Class. Students engage in numerous weekly physical activities in a healthy competitive environment.

Aspects of the curriculum include: games, co-ordination, ball work, group tasks and aquatics.


Social and Personal Health Education

Walk Tall and Stay Safe programmes are utilised in the classroom to equip the students with essential life skills beyond the classroom.

Topics such as personal safety and friendships are covered.



The Grow in Love programme is taught in 5th class to foster and develop the students understanding of faith and Christianity.

Students develop their understanding of faith in school and faith at home.



Teachers engage in ongoing pupil assessments such as informal teacher observations, self-assessment practices, weekly and termly tests.