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Smart Travel to School

Carpark Guidelines

School Car Park is reserved for drop off and pick up of Junior Infants, Senior Infants, Sunshine Classes, 1st and 2nd class children only. Parents/Guardians of older children are requested to drop off and pick up at a meeting point away from the school car park.
No congregating in the car park.
Please stay in your car while you wait for your child/children to exit the school
It is essential that parents do not enter the school building or yards and avoid congregating around the school grounds while waiting for children.
Please adhere to the rules of the road when using the car park.
Please use the designated car parking spaces to park your car.

Walking Bus

Ennis National School organises a ‘Walking Bus’ each morning at 8.30am from Curleys’ car-park. Staff and parents walk children from there to the school arriving by 8.45am daily.

Car Pools/Car Sharing

We wish to encourage car pools. A car pool or car sharing is when two or more people travel together in one car, instead of separately. If one parent drives pupils to school one day another parent will drive the next day – sharing the job!

Cycling Bus

We have recently started up our ‘cycling bus’ which starts at the entrance of the Hawthorns Estate on the Limerick Road and uses the new cycle lane infrastructure  on College View to access the school.  This is the first cycling bus in Co. Clare. It only goes on Friday mornings at the moment but it is hoped to extend it to more days in the near future.  It leaves at 8:20am.