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Student led Science, STEAM and Craft



Jack’s Super Spinner

Eva’s Excellent Spinner

Danbi’s Robot Hand


Laura’s Dinosaur


Eva’s Dinosaur



Christopher’s Dinosaur


Bird’s in my garden- Power point- Click on the  link.

Jack Birds in My Garden

Creating a Chemical Reaction with baking soda and vinegar.

Christopher tries Luke’s experiment. Super!

Dancing Raisins- Adam’s tutorial


Jack’s Dancing Raisins

Christopher’s Dancing Raisins

Balloon Hover craft -Kirsty’s Tutorial

Christopher’s Solar System

Laura’s Solar System

Aaron’s Solar System

                                             Christopher’s puppy

Laura’s Puppy

Luke’s Puppy

Bouncy Egg

Part 1

Part 2

Christopher’s experiment didn’t go to plan…… scrambled eggs!

Fireworks in a Jar

M and M experiment- sugar dissolves in water

Laura’s Experiment



How much air can my lungs hold?


Eva tries Christopher’s Experiment- How much air can my lungs hold?