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Ms.Harding’s June Challenges

Student Led Activities-

Aaron’s Floating Ping Pong Ball

Aaron is demonstrating Bernoulli’s principle, which states that fast-moving fluids or air, such as strong winds, have lower pressure than slow-moving air.

Eva’s Super Cup Song Performance

Eva’s Milk Experiment

Luke’s Milk Experiment

John’s Milk Experiment

Christopher’s milk experiment


What has happened?
The washing up liquid reacts with the fat in the milk which reduces the surface tension. The fat particles move and create swirls of colour moving the food colouring around in the milk.

The water on this coin is held together by surface tension, the molecules in the water are so close together it’s like they form a sheet. The washing up liquid in John’s experiment has spit up the molecules causing the food colouring to move.

Excellent work John.

James’s Rocket Balloon

Air power

John’s Balloon Rocket

Jack’s Balloon Rocket

Air power

Eva’s Rocket Balloon

Air Power

Christopher’s Rocket Balloons

Air Power

Luke’s Walking Feet

Forces and motion

Forces and Motion- Liam’s Rolling Feet

Jack’s Roller Feet

Christopher’s Roller Feet