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Sixth Class Carnival Day

Mr. Corry’s sixth class is organizing a fun day for all classes which will be held this upcoming Friday April 13th in our school hall. The entry fee will be two euro per person, with this every child will get a round at all the games (face painting included). Sold separately on the day will be popcorn at fifty cent and candyfloss also at fifty cents, treats at our Tuc shop which will vary in prices from ten to sixty cent (maximum). There will be a photo booth where you can snap a Polaroid picture for the price of two euro each. Our fun day will also include plenty of sport games such as basketball shots and penalty shoot outs. For each win at any game you will either get a prize token or a voucher for our Tuc shop. Each class will have a separate time table throughout the day and will get around thirty minutes to stay at our Carnival. Some of the money will go towards a charity we deem worthy and the rest will be used as money for a sixth class school outing we hope to be going on. Thank you for your support in advance.

Yours sincerely, the pupils of Mr. Corry’s sixth class.

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