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Sprints and Novelty Events Fri May 24th. “ENS FunDay” Fri June 7th

There was a rethink of the sprints and novelty events day. We have decided to run it over 1 day on Friday May 24th. During this day each class will run the finals of their sprints and also, the heats and finals of their novelty events to ensure every child will be participating. Teachers will send out the time that their races will take place well in advance. “Funday” will remain on Friday June 7th as this will be kept as a non competitive day where the emphasis is on fun activities for all classes. Parents are most welcome to attend both days to see the races and the fun events that their children will participate in.  The Parents Association will be looking for volunteers to help out on the “Funday” June 7th.  The school and children would be very grateful for your assistance. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Kind Regards

Brian Troy