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Physical Education Curriculum

Ennis National School staff ensure that our students receive 60 minutes of physical education every week.

  • All students are taught 5 different strands (Aquatics, Athletics, Dance, Games and Gymnastics) from the P.E curriculum every year.
  • All teachers plan, discuss and strengthen the delivery of a P.E strand every year. This year we are focusing on Games.
  • Our school teaches the Land Paws and Water Safety programme to older children from third class to sixth class each year.
  • Our P.E equipment room has been cleaned and re-organised.  All equipment has been inventoried and labelled. All equipment is checked for defects and replaced when required.
  • Our school has been teaching fundamental skills to the students since 2018. The school uses resources from the “Move Well Move Often” programme. Every year we focus on 3 fundamental skills. This year the staff have chosen the following 4 skills:
  1. Running  Throwing     3. Catching      4. Balance