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ENS Reading Challenge 2018

At Ennis NS , we have decided to start the New Year with a bright new Reading Challenge. It’s for classes from 2nd to 6th.  Each class is challenged to read 35 different types of books before the midterm break. Examples of books on the target list include A book with a colour in the title, A book by a female author, A book with over 100 pages, A book you borrowed, A book set in a foreign country and many more.

Each pupil chooses their own book to match the description they are given. The aim is to complete a collective class challenge in which every single pupil plays their part. Pupils of all reading abilities can participate as they can choose a book which suits them as long as it matches the description.

The Reading Class students prepared the lists and distributed them to the participating classes. The completed Master Sheets will be collected before the midterm break. These will show the titles of the chosen books and the names of the pupils who read them.  They will be displayed in the corridor and there will be a reward for all classes who complete the challenge on time. Happy Reading everyone !

Photos show Jake and Darragh preparing the materials for the Reading Challenge and Ben and Éabha distributing them to classes.