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Ennis National Sports and Fun Day 2018


Ennis National Sports and Fun Day 2018

Today we celebrated our Annual Sports and Fun day on the final day of ENS Health Awareness week. The weather was mostly in our favour through we did experience the occasional shower.

The schedule was packed with a variety of activities thoroughly enjoyed by students, parents, and school staff alike.  There were Sprint and Novelty Races on the pitch for all classes in turn. Afterwards each class was allocated a selection of time blocks during the day to engage in various activities located at Zones around the school. The Race Zone was in the School pitch, the Athletics Zone in the Senior Yard, the Obstacle Course in the Middle Yard, the Novelty Zone in the Infant Yard and the Fun Zone – complete with Bouncy Castles – on the Grass area at the back of the school.
A Dance Zone and Fitness Zone provided Movement activity indoors in the School Hall.
There was a special treat too provided for students who like ice-cream- an Ice Cream Van – that remained in the school for much of the day. In the afternoon, there were school walks to the Rocky Road, around St Flannan’s school and Eire Óg.  A wonderful enjoyable day of fun and sport was had by all.

Mens sana in corpore sano (“A healthy mind in a healthy body”)