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Easter Egg Race 2019

The Inaugural Ennis NS Easter Egg Race took place yesterday on Friday, April 12th. Pupils had great fun decorating the rubber eggs during the week. Yesterday they were all put into the front-loader of Mr. David McInerney’s tractor. His fellow Clare hurling team-mate All-Star Peter Duggan – a past pupil of Ennis NS – was on hand to launch the eggs for the race down the school hill.

The pupils lined up along the road and waited for the big moment. As this was the first time this event had been tried, no one was quite sure how far the eggs would travel. A sturdy barrier was set up halfway down the hill just in case. However, many of  the eggs chose not to travel more than a few metres on this occasion with only a few adventurous eggs bouncing on down the hill. Owners of the winning eggs were Alex, Alexandra, Mick and Conor.

It’s back to the drawing board now to plan next year’s event which we hope may be more dramatic. However, we did make it onto the Ennis Town Forum as someone spotted us from the bypass, took some pictures and posted them online wondering what the unusual activity was all about…. Happy Easter everyone!