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Active School Flag

I am delighted to announce that we were recently awarded the Active School Flag. Along with our Health Promoting School and Green School Flags this is a great achievement for our school community. This was achieved during difficult times which makes it even more remarkable.  I would like to extend our thanks to the families of ENS who participated in our virtual Active Schools Week in June 2020. This was a big part of our application. Our recent ‘Run Around Ireland ‘ initiative was also part of the application.  In the previous few years, we held Health Awareness/Active Weeks, which helped also.  This flag acknowledges all the work we have done in this area as a school community but it is important that we keep pushing the status quo to make sure that Ennis National School is constantly improving and going in the right direction.   I would like to thank Siobhan Marren for all her hard work in making the application on behalf of our school.

On Friday June 18th, we marked the occasion with a little ceremony to launch the flag. To make sure everyone was safe, we  zoomed the ceremony to the classes.  We were joined my members of the school community also.  Thank you for tuning in.