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Friends for Life

Our Fourth Classes are participating in the Friends for Life Programme.

In Friends for Life, we put our chairs in a circle and talk about caring for each other. We talk about telling the truth to each other. We talk about likes and dislikes and sharing secrets. We also watch clips about how to cheer someone up when they are feeling angry or lonely or guilty.  In Friends for Life, people are taught to learn more about each other and to show empathy for each other.  We are taught the true meaning of friendship and how to deal with and to prevent bullying. (Bernard and Conan, Fourth Class)

The ‘FRIENDS for Life’ programme is a school-based positive health and wellness programme.  Through participating, children develop their emotional intelligence, and learn invaluable skills to enable them to cope with the many demands of 21st Century life. Friends for Life improves social skills, ability to focus, confidence, communication skills, and the ability to relax and regulate emotions. It is proven to reduce anxiety and give children the tools they need to cope in stressful and challenging situations.

Further information on the programme is on HSE website. Just follow link – Friends