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Parents’ Association Meeting September 8th 2020



DATE OF MEETING: Thursday 8th September @20.40 Zoom Virtual Call

TIME: from 20.40 to 21.50

  • Introduction the Chairperson welcomed the committee back after the summer holidays and thanked them for all the support provided during the school year 2019/2020 (March 12th).
  • BOM update –The BOM met several times during the school shut down and in preparation for the safe return in September via Zoom. They thanked the staff members for their involvement, commitment, and support in preparation and during the re-opening of the school. Other topics up for discussion during the meeting would cover: the cost of going back to school, COVID and the most recent correspondence with the Council regarding the works and access to the school.
  • Help with Book Colour Coding – the school requested the help of some of the committee members to assist with the task of colour coding the reading books which are an essential part of the newly formed literacy program. Volunteers identified.
  • PA insurance – the yearly Parents Association Insurance is due on the 29th of September. Treasurer to issue the cheque.
  • National Parents Association Council fee is due on 20th December – to action later by Treasurer.
  • First Holy Communion – 12th September – as restrictions about gatherings remain, it was agreed to provide each child in 3rd class (former 2nd class) with a goodie bag on Friday before the Communion on Saturday morning. PA volunteers to help with the sourcing of goods and preparation of bags on Friday morning identified.
  • Wear Green to School Day fundraiser – 12th March – raised €581.37. The funds to be lodged in the PA’s account and to be used later to support the school. Treasurer to action.
  • PA account update –Treasurer provided a detailed breakdown of the account and the balance remaining in it as per September 2020.
  • Fundraising idea suggested – selling face masks with the school logo and the student’s initials on it. The proposal was discussed by the committee and was decided that fundraising was not a priority for the PA now and this option could be revisited later.
  • Update on 6th Class Hoodies – 78 hoodies were ordered, and it was agreed by all committee members that it was a great success this year considering the limitations in place. It was also suggested that we take the same approach when ordering the hoodies next year, with parents filling out the form with the colour and size chosen.
  • AGM – Annual General Meeting – new approach needed for AGM this year as gathering limitations are still in place. All parents are invited to attend the AGM where the PA provide with an update of the previous year activities and account balance. Outgoing committee members to step down on the night and new volunteers to fill out vacant positions. Date and approach to be announced.

Other Business


  • Lost & Found – the process of the Lost & Found needed some clarification. Mr. Enright explained that parents should always contact the student’s teacher first. The classes have been divided in hubs this year and there is a representative for each hub who will be gathering the items. If something has been found in that hub, the teachers in the hub will be notified. The school cannot emphasize enough the importance of using name tags in each piece of clothing, especially jumpers and coats.


  • Coronavirus – a concerned parent approached a committee member requesting to clarify the protocol in class if a child was to be seen coughing on a regular basis. Mr. Enright and the BOM Parent Representative reassured the PA that all teachers and hub representatives have received the appropriate training to deal with such situations.


Next PA Meeting – 6th October via Zoom



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