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Parents’ Association Meeting September 29th 2021



DATE OF MEETING: Wednesday Sept 29th  @20.00 in the Staff Room

TIME: from 20:00 to 21:15

  • Last meeting minutes – approved & seconded
  • Introduction by Chairperson


  • Board of Management Update by Emer O’Reilly (Parents Representative)
    • Class Information:

At our last meeting, the PA asked Emer to discuss the possibility of a start of year introductory meeting.

The PA made the point that parents might now know what their child’s teacher looks like or where their classroom is.

Also, the PA said that it would be helpful to have a summary of what will be covered in the various subjects that year.

For instance, if money will be covered in maths, parents can support that by helping their child to handle money and so on.

Emer brought the request to the board, and it was agreed that at the beginning of each year, parents will receive a communication in writing from the class teacher outlining the core topics to be covered in the year.

That is in place now.


  • Goals:

Emer reminded us of the goals of the board and filled us in on how they were agreed.

The parent survey contributed significantly to the goals set and plans are now being put together to ensure those goals are met.


  • Walking Bus:

Emer reassured us that the reinstatement of the walking bus is a priority for the Board of Management.

The board is disappointed that efforts made to date have not led to the resumption of the bus.

Emer reminded us that the walking bus was one of many solutions put in place when the school moved to its current location and concerns were raised about the safety of children in and around the school as congestion was a significant problem at the time.

Parent volunteers began to man the pedestrian crossing in the car park, parking was prohibited outside the school gates and parents were encouraged to use Curley’s car park for dropping.

The walking bus was born with the help of parent volunteers, walking with it daily and with the help of teachers.

It became an An Taisce green schools project, coordinated at the time by Roisin Garvey.

The council supported the walking bus by 1) Making the accommodation of the walking bus a condition of the planning permission granted back then and 2) putting infrastructure in place that enable safe road crossing outside Curley’s.

The school understood that the walking bus was a priority of the council.

Over the last couple of years, the present owners, Westpoint Management company raised concerns about the number of cars using their car park at collection time.

The school responded to that concern. We stopped encouraging parents to collect there. The school also provided details of our school insurance cover and tried to reassure Westpoint management company that our school extended to the walking bus.

The school was surprised and disappointed to receive an email from Management company two days before school reopened at the end of August saying that the school was not allowed to use the facility.

Emer outlined that the school asked the council for help as it is a condition of the planning permission there that the walking bus be accommodated. When np help was forthcoming, we sought the help of Roisin Garvey, Senator. Roisin arranged a meeting between council and the owners of Westpoint Management company.

ENS was not allowed to attend that meeting. The council contacted us after the meeting asking for more information on our school insurance which we provided and assurances that we would operate our walking bus from the rear of the car park to which we readily agreed.

The school is disappointed that we have still not been allowed to use the facility and are engaging with all parties involved to try and resolve the issue to all parties satisfaction.

We appreciate that we rely on the goodwill and support of our neighbours. We trust that the council will continue to support our need to provide a safe route to school for all our children.


  • Volunteer for Pedestrian Crossing:

Emer asked the PA to assist in identifying a volunteer to help on the crossing so that each volunteer covers one day a week.

Tracey Ferns responded with a suggestion of a person who might help and undertook to check and come back to us.

Emer was appreciative of that help.


  • School Photos

Save the date 15th November with County Photos – communication to be sent out on Aladdin, email and Facebook.

  • Current Committee members’ availability for year ahead


New members requiredagreed that 6 to 7 new members required (3 existing members might stay if not enough candidates come forward.)


Enara, Elaine and Sarahstepping down after 2 or more years on the committee. Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer roles must be filled once the new committee is formed.


  • AGM (Annual General Meeting)

AGM planning and new committee members scouting discussed

Date confirmed Tuesday 2nd November @20.00 in the school Halla

PA to create communication and post of Facebook page

School to send email to parents body

  • Other Business

A committee member requested to clarify if students are allowed to bring their own footballs and other sport equipment to school. Confirmed that they are not allowed in school due to COVID-19 guidelines.

The Board of Management requested the PA’s assistance to recruit a parent volunteer for Tuesday morning to help with the car park crossing (8.15 to 8.50) – PA to put a request on the Facebook page.


  • Dates for the diary

Tuesday 2nd November – AGM at 20.00 in the school halla

Monday 15th November – School photos

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