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Parents’ Association Meeting Oct 17th 2023

Minutes for PA meeting 17/10/2023

Micheal O’Brien
Eileen Tobin
Ashley Garza
Marcin Grochowski
Saphinah Nandawula
Shayla Hilpert
Lorna Ganda
Nileptga Sergeant
Noelle Carew
Mariusz Cwirko
Kat O’Shea

Brian Troy

Shayla discussed PA policies and meeting times etc. she also explained the role of the committee to
the non-committee members in attendance.

Halloween quiz:
Tuck shop: allergies discussed and tuck shop items confirmed.
Discussed fundraising options; split pot or guess the number of jellybeans. Decided to save ‘split the
pot’ for the Christmas disco instead.

Confirmed Halloween quiz volunteers:
Set up: Shayla, Eileen, Mariusz, Noelle and Marcin @6pm

Running: Nilepetha, Saphinah, Shayla, Fiona, Mariusz 7-9pm

Clean up: Shayla, Saphinah, Nileptha, Noelle, Fiona Marcin and Mariusz

Other business:
Plan to attend bank and sign relevant documents for treasury handover
PA 2023/2024 goals
Enhance parent-parent communication
Enhance parent-teacher communication
Parent meet and greet
Yogurt disposal in school?
Introduce PA Committee to parents
Email to be sent introducing PA Committee with contacts and Facebook info
Possible email list of parents to keep them updated on PA activities
Ask PA communications to be put on Aladdin for parents
Update PA Committee members on school website
*PA committee to be Gardai vetted*
Discussed possible Christmas market
Christmas market to fundraise for play yard painted activities

Next meeting on: 16th November @7:30pm

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