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Parents’ Association Meeting November 18th 2021

Ennis National School Parents’ Association
Date: November 18
th 2021
Venue: Staffroom, Ennis National School
Apologies: Mr. Bob Enright
Attendance (in school): Claire O’Loughlin, Elaine Lynch, Ifeoma Ugwueru, Emer O’Reilly,
Nicole Kaiser,
Attendance (on Zoom): Marie Keane, Nicole Meyer, Valerie Chute, Sandra Lopez, Michelle
● Thanks to those who assisted with County photos. Photographers seemed happy
with the arrangements.
Second hand uniform sale
● Ms. Kelly has been involved to date.
● Majority of committee in favour of taking it over.
● Uniform sales will be a fundraiser for PA (previously for school garden but this will be
covered by the school going forwards).
● Document relating to second hand uniform sales has previously been prepared by
Emer O’Reilly.
● We will look at holding the sale in advance of Easter.
● Nicole Kaiser has offered to look after cleaning uniforms that come in.
Christmas Event
● Different options were discussed:
● “Winter wonderland” for infant yard proved to be the best idea
○ Winter wonderland could include: Artificial snow machine, Santa’s Grotto,
Lights, Decorations, Treats… Mr. Troy has said the school will subsidise.
○ Suggested date: Friday 10
th December.
○ Junior and Senior infant parents would be invited into the junior yard for hot
chocolate (jnr and snr infant parents)
Emails to be used for the time being for contact
Meeting concluded at 9.05pm

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