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Parents’ Association Meeting Nov 16th 2023

ENS Parent’s Association Minutes


Date: Thursday 16th November 2023

Time: 19:30

Venue: ENS Staff Room

Minutes Taken By: Lorna Ganda


Meeting Attended By:

Brian Troy                               Lorna Ganda

Shayla Hilpert                         Mariusz Cwiryo

Kat O’Shea                             Marcin Grochowski

Michael O’Brien                      Fiona Earon

Eileen Tobin                            Michelle Summerly



Laura Ryan

Saphinah Nandawula


Ashley Garza

Noelle Carew



  • Discuss / Organise volunteers for Christmas events (class shows, disco tuck shop)
  • Information Regarding Flag Day & Easter Bingo 2024
  • Q&A regarding traditional PA roles & activities
  • Share & Discuss new ideas for PA
  • AOB


Old Business:

Shayla reminded committee members to start their Garda Vetting process if they hadn’t done so already.

Shayla let committee members know that there is a need for extra volunteer’s for the car park crossing in the mornings and asked that the word be spread around to the wider school community.


Christmas Disco Tuck Shop & Christmas Shows

The annual Christmas Disco will take place at the school on Friday 8th of December. A sign up sheet was provided and those who are available to help out on the evening signed up to either set up, sell or both.

It was agreed that ‘Split The Pot’ will be this years Parent Association’s Committee fundraiser at the Christmas disco and the Christmas show’s.

‘Split the Pot’ tickets will be on sale at the entrance of the disco and also at the Christmas shows.

Prices were agreed and set at €2 per ticket or 3 tickets for €5.

The winner will be announced after the 4th class show on Thursday 21st of December.

It was agreed that a sign will need to be made to advertise the Split the Pot and that a Facebook post as well as a message on Aladdin should be sent to parent’s to advertise also.

Brian mentioned that usually a percentage of the earnings would be donated to Clare Crusaders.


Information Regarding Flag Day & Easter Bingo 2024

We spoke briefly about Flag Day and the Easter Bingo.

Brian stated that he needs to get the permits for Flag Day which is usually on the last Saturday of January (TBC).

The business that does the bingo needs to be booked and volunteer’s need to sign up for the tuck shop.


Q&A regarding traditional PA roles & activities

Questions were asked regarding the Easter Bingo, it was explained that a business is hired to run the bingo and the PA run the tuck shop and tidy up afterwards.


Share & Discuss new ideas for PA

Shayla designed a sign up sheet with topics/activities she felt would be interesting for the PA to get involved in, some new ideas, others existing. Topics included Flag Day, 6th Class Hoodies, No Phone Campaign, Fun Day, Playground making,

Spring Fling Bingo, Welcome Wagon, Walking Bus News Bit, Activities Directory and Open Day.

These topics brought a lot of positive discussion and interest to the meeting. Those who attended the meeting were given the opportunity to sign up for topics they would be interested in working on in a sub-committee.

We also discussed how we might like for money raised to be spent. We spoke about developing the outdoor areas where children play on their breaks, including the Sunshine play area. Painting games on the tarmac was one idea that was discussed in depth and it was agreed that it should be investigated further by speaking to other schools who have had it done, getting quotes etc.


It was agreed under the topic of No Phone Campaign that we would make up a survey/questionnaire for the children of 4th, 5th and 6th classes regarding their use of smart phones/devices and see what we could do from the results to help reduce the time spent on such devices as well as combating online bullying, raise awareness about the dangers of social media platforms etc.


Next Meeting Details:

The next Parent’s Association Meeting will be held in the ENS Staff Room on Thursday 18th of January at 19:30.

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