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Parents’ Association Meeting May 9th 2023

Ennis National School Parents’ Association
Date: Tuesday 9th May 2023
Time: 7.30pm
Venue: Staff Room, Ennis National School
● Claire O’Loughlin
● Emer O’Reilly
● Nicole Meyer
● Michelle Summerly
● Valerie Chute
● Sandra Lopez
● Laura Ryan
● Ailish Browne
● Apologies
● Kitchen stock
Marie & Michelle restocked. Get rid of old mugs and check quantity of new mugs. Need cake
slicers and gloves
● School uniform
Parents have been given a chance to vote on new vs existing uniform. Phase out of old
uniform until 2024 if the new uniform is voted in. Questions about why online and what will
happen with old uniforms. Concern about local businesses losing out. All crested items
because black trousers are too different. Cost for Uncrested/crested tops. Policy states
school must provide local uniforms.
Need suggestions for cotton material because of skin conditions or sensory conditions.
Parents concerned about the cost of the new uniform (too expensive).
Possibly ask Pynes to stock new uniform.
If black pants are the issue can we just change the pants instead of the entire uniform.
Emer O’Reilly reviewed last years questionnaire. Not a lot of feedback. Asking parents to
voice their opinion.
Vote on the uniform can be extended by Mr. McInerney.
Price review: current uniform €75.
Ennis National School Parents’ Association
Delivery charge – free to school or €5.45 to home.
Cost was consider by association.
Feedback for:
Parents said this new uniform is a shock & they weren’t expecting an entire new uniform.
Meeting changed to today in order for parents to voice their opinions.
Cost and quality of fabric (at least one piece of cotton)
Distribution costs
Pants & polo shirts variety (crested pants)
Only available online with 6 weeks delivery
● Activities directory
Produce a booklet by September to capture clubs & activities. Email PA with
clubs/suggestions. Notice Parish Newsletter
● Holy Communion
First time in 4 years the students have been back in the school after the ceremony. Ray
mentioned how well it well and thanks to all volunteers. Thanks also to all who donated food
and time!
● School Lunches
One company can provide lunches Before anything can be implemented, ask
school parents. Make an appointment for the company to meet with the school.
● Fundraising
Astroturf – Split the Pot to be suggested for PA next year. Work will start on June 5th and this
will cause disruption in the car park. Parents will not be able to drive up to the school.
Suggestion to add the walking bus in the afternoon.
○ Funday 1st June (Thursday): Need parent volunteers. Carnival games again
this year since the school can’t hire bouncy castles. Ice cream van – need to
change date. Post FB message for volunteers.
○ Need date for races – 17th May (Wednesday)
○ Hoodies – great quality, very happy

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