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Parents’ Association Meeting March 16th 2023

Ennis National School Parents’ Association

Date: Thursday March 16th
Time: 7.30pm
Venue: Staff Room, Ennis National School

Claire O’Loughlin
Laura Ryan
Michael O’Brien
Valerie Chute
Ailish Browne
Michelle Summerly
Sandra Lopez

Brian Troy
Marie Lynch
Nicole Meyer
Emer O’Reilly
Elaine Lynch
Marie Keane

Kitchen Stock
A number of items were identified as necessary; most have been purchased. Secure
storage in the kitchen required.
PA were complimentary of work done so far by the uniform committee. Teachers and
BOM will review recommendations shortly before the options are put to parents to
vote on.
Activities Directory
Expanding out the content of the directory to include various activities/services that
would be of interest to school going children.
Any profits from the advertising revenue will be donated to the school.
Next steps: to gather contact details for those who might potentially be interested in
New Email account will be used for the purposed of the Activity Directory in
the short term and all communication will move to the new account after that. Both
accounts active for now.

Ennis National School Parents’ Association

6th Class Hoodies
They should be here within approx 4 weeks.
Volunteers are welcome to assist with supervision and walking with students.
Confirmation is next Friday but no involvement from PA.
Communion 6th May, 11am in Cathedral. Parents of 1st class asked to donate food on
the Friday evening or Saturday morning and help with PA serve this with teas &
coffees. PA Volunteers needed…
County photos have been booked.

Fun Bingo Night
Claire to check with the school if this is to go ahead but it will need to be after Easter.
St. Patrick’s Day no uniform day fundraiser was missed by the PA but hopefully we
will be able to replace it with a further fundraiser later in the year.
School Lunch
One company seems to have a potential offer but a rep will need to meet with school
management as there are still a number of queries as to how the logistics of
distribution will work.
– Parents Association are giving a lot of their time (and other volunteers within
the school) but there shouldn’t be an expectation that PA members need to do
it all. We need to discuss way of encouraging more parents to be involved in
various activities. The more that volunteer, the less everyone will ultimately
need to do!!
– Time for future meetings 7pm.

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