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Parents’ Association Meeting June 9th 2022

Parents’ Association Minutes
Date: 9th June
Time: 8pm
Venue: Staffroom ENS
Minutes taken by: Laura Ryan

Laura Ryan
Nicole Meyer
Nicole Kaiser
Marie Keane
AIlish Browne
Augustina Preston
Bob Enright
Claire O’Loughlin
Emer O’Reilly
Michelle Summerly
Elaine Lynch
Valerie Troy

Fun Bingo Income Update
Thanks to Mr Troy gave €600 from the Fun Bingo night which has been lodged to the

The hoodies were collected on June 1st and labelled for the students. They were brought to
the school on Tuesday morning, 7th June. The colours of the hoodies were really nice but
the material was not sweatshirt material as it had been in previous years and the shape was
different. This was not something we knew about previously. There have been no complaints
from students about this (that we are aware of) but it is just disappointing for the PA that
there have been so many issues with this order.
School to organise extra hoodies for the Ukrainian students.

Fun Day
Activities booked by PA:
3rd – 6th Class
● Nerf Shootout Game
● Hurling & Football darts
Juniors – 2nd
● A visit from Mickie & Minnie Mouse
● Face tattoos
● Carnival Games
Ask the school to look for volunteers via Aladdin or by email.
1st year students from Flannans have come to help out in previous years. How was this
organised? They could maybe Mickie & Minnie Mouse….!
Treats: Is there a freezer available?
● Candy floss – Nicole Meyer to check about stock in the Polish shop
● Popcorn – can you rent/buy one?! Nicole & Nicole
● Company used for renting the activities have popcorn machines, slushy machines,
etc available to rent as well. Claire to get a quote and check with the school.
County Photos
This took place on 15th November 2021 this year. Laura to check with the school regarding

Temple Gate June 24th – time tbc
Next Meeting
No date set
Meeting Concludes

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