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Parents’ Association Meeting January 6th 2022

DATE OF MEETING: Thursday, 6 January 2022
TIME: from 20.00 to 21.00
PRESENT: Claire O’Loughlin, Elaine Lynch, Nicole Kaiser, Michelle Summerly, Marie Keane, Nicole
Meyer, Ailish Brown
APOLOGIES: Bob Enright, Emer O’Reilly, Ifeoma Ugwueru, John O’Connor, Laura Ryan, Sandra Muñoz,
Valerie Chute, Augusta Alams
Welcome back after holidays
● Winter Wonderland was a huge success. Mr. Troy, staff & students were very happy. A big
thank you to all who volunteered their time and donated items. Your generosity is much
Emer’s Email Regarding BOM Meeting
● Flag Day is set for 29 January. The fundraiser will be for an Astro Turf Pitch.
● Looking into sports capital grant.
● Need to look into safety measures for the new housing estate entry.
● Ray McInerney will return in September 2022.
● Approval for school garden investment.
Flag Day – 29 January 2022
● The PA Committee to coordinate Flag Day.:
● A permit is in place in order for the school to host Flag Day in town. SUggested locations for
collection Aldi, Tesco (write letters); O’Dowds, O’Sullivan & Hansbury, Lynch’s Centra
(informally request permission) Zest, (permission granted); Dunnes, €2 Shop and The
● Volunteer schedule to be coordinated by Nicole Kaiser. Requests to be sent out via school
channels and social media.
Bank Account
● Ulster Bank closing, change of bank was needed.
● New bank – Bank of Ireland is the best option with 2 years free banking.
● A unanimous vote was made to move to online banking and cease the use of checks.
Next meeting
● Fundraising ideas are most welcome. We will add this to the agenda for the next meeting.
School events for this term will also be discussed.
● Date proposed 3 February 2022 @ 8pm.

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