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Parents’ Association Meeting January 2017

Treasurers Update: €35.60 was spent on the tea/coffee reception at the Christmas Concerts.

School Uniform:

  • The Commitee has received a number of queries from parents regarding the school uniform.
  • Clarification is requested with regard to the roll played by each of the variations (the red fleece, the black jumper and the grey jumper) – in particular with regard to official occasions such as Communion, Confirmation and School Choir preformances.

Flag Day – 28th January: A letter will be sent home in the children’s school bags requesting volunteers.

School Photos – 27th January: Four members of the PA have volunteered to help out at the school in the day.

National Parents Council fee: Payment of the annual €100 fee has been arranged.

Confirmation Reception – 11th March: Volunteers will be required – will discuss at the next PA meeting.

Any Other Business:

  • The Parents Association have received complaints from parents about the lack of safe places for children to cross the road unattended on their journey to/from school.
  • We ask the Board of Management once again to please bring to the attention of Eamonn O’Dea, that manned pedestrian crossings are required nearer to town so that children do not have to rely on the supervision of walking bus volunteers. We also ask any parents that are concerned to contact the County Council.

School Update:

  • Spot prizes left over from the fasion show were raffled off at the Christmas Concerts and the funds raised went to Clare Crusaders. The total raised was €1500
  • The school band raised €250 for St. Vincent De Paul by playing Christmas Carols in the new Christmas Market.
  • Sixth class students took part in their Santa Run and raised €1805 for Cahercalla Hospice.
  • The “Giving Tree” received a lot of generous donations for St. Vincent DePaul: Foods, Toiletries, Nappies etc
  • Santa Clause landed in a white lamborghini creating great excitement at the start of the Christmas Holidays
  • The School Choir & Band snag and preformed beautifully at the annual Christmas mroning mass in the Cathedral.
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