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Parents’ Association Meeting February 2nd 2023

Ennis National School Parents’ Association
Date: Thursday 2nd February 2023
Time: 8pm
Venue: Staff Room, Ennis National School

Claire O’Loughlin
Marie Keane
Laura Ryan
Brian Troy
Emer O’Reilly
Elaine Lynch
Valerie Chute
Sandra Lopez
Ailish Browne
Augustina Preston
Bernie Guinane
Ifeoma Ugwueru
John O’Connor
Nicole Meyer
Michelle Summerly

● Feedback from Flag Day
€3,300 raised. Huge thanks to volunteers.
● Update on kitchen stock
Thanks to Marie and Michelle for cleaning the kitchen and restocking will be
● Update on school uniform (full minutes)
In response to a number of enquiries from parents, uniform was on the agenda. Ray
McInerney sent communication to parents earlier in the day which gave clarity (copy
in Minutes folder). A few people in attendance were there to get an update on the
proposed uniform changes.
Ray had asked Emer and Claire O’Loughlin to meet with Ciara Stack earlier in the
week regarding uniform in response to feedback he had received from parents and
From that meeting an agreement was made that no further decisions would be
taken on uniform without all stakeholders input. To that end, the group has
undertaken to ensure that the process of deciding on any new uniform or changes to
existing uniform will involve engagement with teachers, board and parents. The
group are exploring all options available and intend to get input from teachers,
board and parents.

A parent emailed the PA mailbox shortly before the meeting regarding uniform and
made a number of points which we agreed to respond to by way of recording
responses in the minutes. Those points were:
1. Disappointment that a decision has been made to introduce a new uniform.
Response: No decision has been made yet and the committee of three
undertake to ensure engagement with parents if uniform is to change
2. Lack of clarity around how the decision regarding uniform and the
Sacraments was reached.
Response: That decision was made by Ray McInerney. Initially it was decided
that it would not come into effect until the new school year but at the last PA
meeting, the group asked for that change to come in for the sacraments this
year as it had been discussed at our meetings since last year.
3. Too many changes to uniform in recent years.
Response: This is acknowledged as a consideration when deciding on any
possible changes under this review.
4. Cost and quality are two significant factors that should form part of the
Response: This is acknowledged as two of the main considerations. If a
change of uniform is to be introduced it would be on a phased basis with no
expectation of parents to purchase new items immediately. Also, the options
that have been floated around a new uniform would in fact see it as lower
outlay to parents vs. what the current uniform costs.
5. Local stockists have served our school well and must be considered.
Response: It is acknowledged that this is the case. Furthermore, it is a priority
of the school that the school have no role in supplying uniforms.

● 6th class hoodies – ordering from Boru Sports. Order forms have been done.
● Activities Directory
Printing quote received, volunteer requested to coordinate. Further update at next
● Astroturf fundraiser
Gofundme page has been set up and is very successful to date. It would be great if a
post could be made shareable by parents that they could post to their own social
media accounts.
● School lunches
A team (staff and parents) will investigate the potential for introducing school

Meeting concluded at 9.20pm
Next meeting Thursday March 2nd 8-9pm.

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