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Parents’ Association Meeting April 28th 2022

Parents’ Association Minutes
Date: 28th April 2022
Time: 8pm
Venue: Staff Room, ENS
Minutes taken by: Claire O’Loughlin/Nicole Kaiser

Claire O’Loughlin
Marie Keane
Elaine Lynch
Ailish Browne
Nicole Kaiser
Sandra Lopez
Bob Enright
Laura Ryan
Nicole Meyer
Agustina Alams
Emer O’Reilly
Valerie Chute

Matters arising from the Minutes

Bingo was a huge success. Big thanks to Loretta for running the event on the night. Mr.
Enright for all his assistance in the lead up and on the night itself, Ger and the students for
the set up and clear up. PA members for securing prizes and volunteering on the day/night.
Teachers for supervision on the night.
**Thanks again to all the very generous sponsors. The prizes on the night were fantastic.
(List of sponsors included again below)
Approximately 350 people. The hall had been set up for 240 but there were more tables and
chairs taken out as people arrived as well as people using the benches. Total raised on the
night was approx €3000 (including the shop and the raffle)

Tuc Shop – Popcorn, crisps sold out very fast. 7up and Coke also sold out. The Value Centre
accepted returns of any unopened products for a cash refund.
Parking – after the event needs Traffic Management to help cars depart the back lots.
Supervision – front door supervision possibly need throughout the event.
Prizes – these need to each be labelled for the next event so sponsors can be acknowledged
after each prize.

6th Class Hoodies
Order received and money lodged (two outstanding payments to get from the school)
Some minor issues with sizing that delayed the order. 9-11 had been given as a size option
when it was 9-10 and 10-11.

Holy Communion
No role this year. They will have 3 separate masses so children will not return to the school
The issue was raised about boys being allowed to wear suits to be able to dress up equally
to the girls. A similar issue was mentioned about confirmation – boys and girls being able to
dress nicely. Regardless of what decision is taken in relation to clothing it should be equal for
both boys and girls.

Fun Day
12 volunteers needed per time slot. 3 times slots: 9 – 11, 11 – 1, 1 – 2.45
PA to source icecream van and bouncy castle but school pay for them.

Uniform Sale
End of year, Saturday in June
Junior infants day (when parents of next years jnr infants come to the school)
Next Meeting
Meeting Concludes

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