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Parents Association Meeting, 8th March 2018

Ennis National Parents Association

Minute of meeting held 8th March 2018



  1. Flag Day

A successful Flag Day was held on Saturday 27th January, raising €2742-53.


  1. School Photos

County Photos took the school photos on Friday 26th January 2018. Several members of the PA assisted, in addition to several senior students. The PA volunteers felt that the event had gone smoothly.


  1. Wear Green to School Day (16th March)

The annual Wear Green to School Day takes place on Friday 16th March. This is an annual fundraiser in aid of the PA. The proceeds go towards refreshments for receptions for Communion, Confirmation and Sixth Class graduation. It was clarified that the suggested donation is €2 per child or €5 per family, as per the recent Parent Circular.


  1. Confirmation

Sixth class students will celebrate the sacrament of confirmation on Saturday 10th March. The PA will host a reception in the School Hall. Text messages have been sent to the parents of 5th class students asking for donations of baked goods which can be dropped into the hall Friday afternoon or Saturday morning from 11am.


  1. Confirmation DVD

A text was sent to parents in 2nd and 6th class asking them to respond if they were interested in buying a Communion/Confirmation DVD. Only 11 emails were received by the response date was Monday the 26th February, so the decision was made that there was insufficient interest to warrant arranging for the ceremony to be filmed.


It was agreed that the PA would try to organise a video for the communion.



  1. Aladdin Connect

Aladdin Connect has been rolled out to parents and guardians of children attending ENS and text correspondence has largely been replaced by Aladdin notifications. The PA discussed feedback. Some teething problems include:

  • Some people are not receiving notifications upon receipt of new Aladdin messages. There is no red circle indicating new messages displayed on the app thumbnail. This seems to happen regardless of whether people have adjusted their phone settings correctly.
  • Several people complained that they don’t have enough space to install the app. However, it was noted by the PA that the app takes 1.8 MB which is not a large app.
  • The Aladdin app is not compatible with Microsoft phones.

Emer took a list of issues and is to contact the company responsible for Aladdin.


  1. Patrick’s Day Parade

Some PA members will probably be needed to assist at the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. On previous occasions when the school participated, the PA handed out goody bags/treats at the end of the parade.


  1. School Bingo

Many spot prizes have been collected at this stage. Confirmation required where tickets will be sold.



  1. School Hoodies

The PA were presented with 2 hoody designs and 9 colours for consideration and also had two sample hoodies which were passed around. The PA voted to choose one of the designs and decided on 4 colours.


  1. Sports Day

It was confirmed that Sports Day will be part of Health Promotion week again this year. The date of Tuesday 12th June was originally proposed, but it was suggested that more parents might be free to volunteer if the Sports Day was on Friday. A change of date to Friday 15th June was proposed.


  1. O.M.

A summary of current B.O.M. priorities including school finances, focus on improving internal and external school communication and traffic management.



  1. Garda Vetting

Forms were circulated to all members.



  1. O.B.
  • Fundraising ideas were discussed
  • A new after school directory has been discussed.


Date of next meeting : 12th April 2018

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