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Parents Association Meeting 17th May 2018

Ennis National Parents Association

         Minutes of meeting held 17th May 2018

  1. Previous minutes accepted

The minutes of the previous meeting were proposed and seconded.


  1. Board of Management
  • There was no formal update from the B.O.M. at the meeting.

The B.O.M. had contacted the PA with regard to the welcome sheet for incoming Junior Infants which has space for 2 more information boxes. Committee members suggested school events (Christmas concerts/cinema trip/tours) and school ethos/culture.  More discussion to follow.

  • The organisation of a reception for parents of new Junior Infants in September is to be discussed at a future meeting.


  1. Safety Concerns

A member of the PA said that they had been approached by several parents concerned by the continued occupancy of the laneway off the distribution road to Ennis National School by caravans and vehicles. The PA support the Principal’s email (Aladdin) of May 4th asking that any concerns are voiced to Clare County Council directly.


  1. Hoodies

The orders for 6th class hoodies were placed during April and hoodies were received and distributed the day of the meeting. Overall, students and teachers were happy with the design and quality of the hoodies.


  1. Communion (21st April)

The Communion day, and the reception hosted by the PA in the school hall, was a great success. It was highlighted that the Communion video, which was organised by parents independently, was excellent and the PA plan to be involved next year.



  1. Fun Day (June 15th)
  • Laura Jane Allis has been booked for dancing on Friday.
  • Bouncy castles are currently booked for Friday
  • A text to be sent from the school about the date and requesting volunteers for the day (to assist with running stations and also face-painting) Volunteers required for 3 timeslots of approximately
  • That week is also Health Awareness week in the school.
  • A celebrity has been confirmed to open the Health Awareness week in the school in June. More details to follow.


  1. Garda Vetting

Garda Vetting is needed for all PA members.  Forms were handed out at this meeting and at the previous meeting.  Once completed, forms are to be posted to the address given on the form and the final step should be online.  Please email the school to let them know once all stages are complete.



  1. 6th Class Graduation (28th June)
  • Volunteers from the PA will be required to assist with the decoration and reception.
  • Fifth class parents will be asked to donate sweet & savoury treats for the reception.



  1. After School Directory

Advertisements from 17 businesses have been confirmed; the hope is to have 30 in total. The directory will be launched at the start of the new school year.



  1. AOB
  • Work is ongoing on the school garden. Donations of garden equipment, shed, gazebo etc in good condition are sought. The school will request donations via Facebook and Aladdin.
  • It was queried if ENS app is supported any longer.






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