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Parents’ Association AGM Wednesday Dec 2nd via Zoom



DATE OF MEETING: Wednesday 2nd December @20.00 Zoom Virtual Call

TIME: from 20.00 to 20.45


PRESENT PA Members: Bob Enright, Elaine Keating, Sarah Lucey, Lisa Carr, Tanja Tomec, John McFarlane, Tonya Melody, Emer O’Reilly, Nicole Reina-Meyer, Jade Cooley, John O’Connor, Jade Cooley & Enara Hehir

APOLOGIES: Ifeo Maugwueru, Tracey Brennan & Karen O’Connor

Made sure all involved had audio/visual connections.

  • Introduction by Elaine (Chairperson)

Welcomed all attendees to the meeting.

  • PA Involvement

Overview of the involvement of the PA Committee within the school:

  • Walking Bus
  • Cycling Bus:
  • The Crossing in the carpark
  • Parents Facebook Page
  • Fundraising


  • Activities & Events

Overview of the activities the Parents Association got involved in last year from October 2019 to September 2020.

October 2019

  • Halloween Hobble.
  • Halloween Quiz

December 2019

  • The Christmas Disco
  • Christmas Concerts
  • Christmas Craft Fair
  • Treats for the Walking & Cycling Bus participants

In January 2020

  • Flag Day
  • County Photos


February/ March 2020

  • Confirmation Ceremony – unfortunately due to COVID 19 the Confirmation ceremony did not take place until July and due to Government restrictions, the PA could not hold any refreshments in the Hall.
  • School hoodies for 6th
  • Wear Green to school.

March/April 2020

  • Bingo Night – Unfortunately due to COVID 19 we had to cancel the Bingo Night booked for March.

May 2020

  • First Holy Communion – Due to COVID 19 restrictions the First Holy Communion did not go ahead in May as planned and the children made their First Holy Communion in September. Due to Government restrictions, the PA did not hold a reception in the hall.

June 2020

  • Fun Day – Due to COVID 19 the Parents Associations could not get involved in this year’s school Fun Day.
  • Graduation Night – This year’s 6th class graduation night was a graduation with a difference & saw the first outdoor graduation in Ennis National School take place in July.


  • Tea/coffee reception to the parents of incoming Junior Infants – Due to COVID 19 restrictions we could not hold the reception this year.
  • The PA helped with the colour coding of the reading books for the school this year.


  • Improved Communication effort by setting up a new PA email address.

The PA recently set up an email account which will enable parents in the school to contact the Parents Association directly if they wish.  The email address is:  This email address will be posted on social media.

  • Treasury Update

Sarah, as a treasurer, provided an insight to the Parents Association account. Treasury Report available on request.

  • Principal’s Update

Brian Troy, Principal of the school, acknowledged the hard work the PA puts in every year but specially this past year with the challenges it presented.

  • Nominations

The Parents Association is comprised of 15 members:

  • 1 staff member
  • 2 BOM members
  • 12 parents’ volunteers

The Committee members with two years’ service Treacy Brennan and John McFarlane confirmed that the wanted to remain on the Committee. To comply with the PA constitution, they were formally re-elected.

  • Lisa proposed and Emer seconded John’s re-election.
  • Sarah proposed and Lisa seconded Treacy’s re-election.

This year we had 3 members stepping down from the Committee Lisa Carr, Karen O’Connor and Tonja Tomac which meant we were seeking three replacements.  On behalf of the Committee, the Chairperson thanked Lisa, Tonja and Karen for all the work they had done during their term on the Committee.

As we were holding this meeting virtually, an email was sent to all attendees prior to the meeting for their nominations. Nominations closed on December 1st at 8pm.

Ailish Browne, Nicole Kaiser and Augusta Alams allowed their names to go forward to fill these positions.

As we had no other candidates, no election/voting was required on the night.

A proposer and seconder were requested to nominate the three existing candidates:

  • Enara proposed Ailish and Emer seconded the nomination.
  • Lisa proposed Nicole and Sarah seconded the nomination.
  • Bob proposed Augusta and Enara seconded the nomination.

The Chairperson proceeded to formally welcome Ailish, Nicole and Augusta onto the Committee.

  • The Chairperson asked if there were any matters the attendees would like to discuss.
  • The Chairperson thanked all attendees for taking the time to join the virtual AGM.
  • Next PA meeting date TBC.
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