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Parents’ association AGM November 2nd 2021



DATE OF MEETING: Tuesday 2nd November 2021

TIME: 20.00 to 20.50


  1. Introduction and welcome by the current Chairperson, Elaine Keating
  2. Detailed explanation of the Parents Association role within the school

The purpose of the Parents Association is to provide a structure through which the parents or guardians of children attending Ennis National School, can work together for the best possible education of their children. The Parents Association works with the Principal, Staff and Board of Management to undertake a program of activities which promotes the involvement of parents.  Members are elected to the Parents Association for a minimum of 2 years. Meetings are held on the school premises once a month, during the school year, in the evening. The Parents Association finances it’s activities through fundraising specifically for the work of the Parents Association – most of the fundraising is provided through the tuck shops provided at the quiz nights, the disco & bingo.

  • Activities the Parents Association gets involved in during the school year

Unfortunately, due to COVID most of these activities and fundraisers didn’t take place.


Welcome Reception for Junior Infant’s Parents. The PA holds a tea/coffee & food reception for all the parents of the Junior Infant classes.


The Halloween Quiz & the Halloween Hobble.

Halloween Hobble.

Halloween Quiz.


County Photos. This event is taking place next Monday 15th November


The Christmas Disco. Generally held on the first Friday in December.

Christmas Concerts. The PA offers complementary teas and coffees to all attending the Christmas concerts.

The PA also organises treats on the last day of the Christmas holidays for the participants of the walking bus and the cycling bus.


Flag Day. The flag day is usually pencilled in for the last Saturday in January and is led by the Parents Association.

February/ March

Confirmation Ceremony. the PA holds a tea/coffee & food reception for all the Confirmation children and their families after the Mass in the halla.


School hoodies for 6th class. The PA organises school hoodies for 6th class students who wish to avail of them every year.

Wear Green to school. PA holds a fundraiser, wear green to school, where children dress up in their green clothes for St. Patrick’s Day. Children bring a voluntary contribution of €2.00


Bingo Night. PA books the bingo company, sources all the prizes and sponsorship for the event. The PA also runs the tuck shop on the night.


First Holy Communion. The PA holds a tea/coffee & food reception for all the First Holy Communion children and their families after the Mass in the hall. The Committee also arranges for the booking of the photographs for the event.

This year and to build a bit of excitement for all the 1st class children, the PA prepared goodies bags for all the children which were distributed on the Friday before their big day.


Fun Day. This year the PA involvement was scaled back due to the restrictions at the time.    The PA booked the bouncy castles and ice cream van.

Graduation Night. This year’s 6th class graduation took place during school hours and parents were able to join in by way of a link sent from the school. The PA organised goodie bags for all children.


2.2 PA’s other involvement in the school

The parent body gets involved in many different areas within the school including:

Parents Information Facebook Page. The Facebook page keeps all parents updated on all activities going on in the school and is a great source of information to parents.

The Crossing in the carpark. Managed by Emer O’Reilly with the help of parent volunteers to ensure children get safely into school and ensure traffic is moving as swiftly as possible.

Cycling Bus. See update from Elizabeth Constantinescu, a parent volunteer.

Walking Bus. Currently on hold but driven by parent volunteers.

Parents Association email address. Email address for the Parents Association enables parents in the school to contact the Parents Association directly if they wish.  The email address is This email address will be posted on social media.

  1. Update from Deputy Principal Bob Enright.

Principal Mr. Troy sends his apologies.

Mr. Enright expresses his and the schools’ sincere gratitude to the current PA committee for their support and hard work throughout the last period, especially during a pandemic.

He acknowledges the people who were part of the PA committee to thank them once more and to highlight that their volunteering efforts weren’t taken for granted.

Mr. Enright welcomes all new members to the PA Committee.


  1. Cycling Bus Update by Elizabeth Constantinescu

Takes place every Friday morning and leaves Hawthorns in the Limerick Road at 8.20am.

Participation has decrease and the Cycling Bus volunteers are currently focused on promoting it with Facebook posts, issuing information packs and publishing a Q&A document.

A survey was shared among the school parent body which received 104 responses.

  • More than 80% are concerned about climate change
  • 65% would be interested in their kids participating in the Cycling Bus
  • Reasons why they don’t participate currently:
    • No return cycle bus, nervous about children cycling by themselves
    • No route near where they live
  • They need more volunteer and more support requested
  • New routes suggested for consideration:
    • Kilrush road
    • Ballybeg
    • Lahinch road
  • The committee will investigate avenues on how to train children who are not confident cycling
  • They would like to see an increase in participation from the children
  • No questions
  1. Treasury Report by current Treasurer – Sarah Lucey
  • Update on Income and Expenditure for the period 2nd Nov 2020-Present (2nd November 2021)
  • Income: Due to the Covid 19 Pandemic, no fundraising has taken place since March 2020, so no payments have been made into the account
  • Expenditure: Detailed breakdown of expenditure.
  • Supporting document available on request.
  1. New Committee Members Nominations

The Parents Association is comprised of 15 members.

  • 1 staff member – Mr. Bob Enright, Vice Principal
  • 2 Parent Representatives of the Board of Management – Emer O’Reilly and John O’Connor
  • 12 parent volunteers

8 committee members stepping down and 7 new members looking to join.

  • Stepping down:
  1. Elaine Keating
  2. Enara Hehir
  3. Sarah Lucy
  4. Tonya Melody
  5. Tracey Brennan
  6. John McFarlane
  7. Nicole Reyna Meyer
  8. Jade Cooley

Chairperson thanks the members above for all the work they have done during their term on the Committee.

  • Remaining:
  1. Nicole Kaiser
  2. Ailish Browne
  3. Augustina Preston
  4. Ifeoma Ugwueru would like to remain on the Committee. Ifeoma has 2 years done and for us to comply with the PA Constitution Ifeoma will have to be formally re-elected. Ifeoma proposed and seconded by Sarah and Jade.


  • New nominated members:
  1. Claire O’Loughlin – Nominated and seconded by Enara and Emer
  2. Michelle Summerly – Nominated and seconded by Liz and Laura
  3. Marie Keane – Nominated and seconded by Bob and Jade
  4. Elaine Lynch – Nominated and seconded by Sarah and Bob
  5. Valerie Chute – Nominated and seconded by Liz and Enara
  6. Sandra Lopez – Nominated and seconded by Jade and Emer
  7. Laura Ryan – Nominated and seconded by Bob and Enara
  8. Position remains available


The Chairperson welcomes all new members to the Parents Association committee.

The new Committee meet to elect a new Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer. Elaine to schedule meeting for next week.


  1. AOB

Please email the committee on if you wish to address any issues, suggest improvements or you want to volunteer.


  1. Meeting concludes @ 8.50pm
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