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Parent Association Meeting 20th May 2019

Ennis National Parents Association

Minutes of meeting held Monday 20th May 2019

  1. Review of minutes of last meeting

The minutes of the previous meeting were proposed and seconded.



  1. BOM Update

The Parents Association officially received the BOM Review of Child Safeguarding Statement from Bob Enright Acting Deputy Principal ENS.


  1. Hoodies for 6th class

Order has been submitted and payment cheque has been sent to the supplier.  They are expected to arrive in the last week or two of June.


  1. National Parents Council Talk

This has been pushed out until Sept/Oct of the new school year.  It will be organised then.


  1. First Communion

The reception back in the school hall for the First Communion children and their families was a great success.  A lot of food was provided by the parents of the school.  Additional food was purchased by the PA.  A post on Facebook thanking all the parents for their contribution and highlighting that this is where the money from the PA is spent.  All felt it was good to highlight the use of the PA funds. It was highlighted that there was a lot of physical work in tidying away all tables & chairs at the end of the event.  And it was suggested that for the next event additional help should be requested.  It was agreed a post/message should be sent out just asking for additional help for ½ an hour at the end of the event.


  1. Races & Sprints 24th May

First Class are having theirs on the Thursday due to a school tour.  The rest of the school will have their races on the Friday.  No PA volunteers needed.  Bob to remind teachers to send message to parents re race times.


  1. Fun Day 7th June

PA to do :

Bouncy Castles -3 bouncy castles booked. It was agreed that the PA would provide the bouncy castles to arrive on the Wednesday ( 5th) until Friday (7th).

Ice-Cream Van – the PA has booked the Ice-Cream Van again this year.  We have requested that he does not leave early so that no class is missed.  We have requested a donation towards the Fun Day from the vendor.

Face Painting –suggested face painting tables in each zone.  This should keep the lines moving.

Mickey & Minnie suits –  to confirm if suits to be used.



Food for parent volunteers – to be organised

Field on Fun Day – the PA were informed that a company has been hired to provide fun novelty games in the field instead of the races this year.  Games like Human Table Foosball, Sumo Suits and novelty races.


A message to go out requesting volunteers for Fun Day – on Aladdin and on Facebook.  Bob to organise Aladdin message.

First Aid volunteers for the day needed.

To be  confirmed  if school uniforms are to be worn on the day.


Volunteer slots :

Volunteers from PA given


Healthy Eating class during the week – to confirm if this is to be run.  Last year’s class was run with Rachel Culligan.  PA helped out last year.  May need volunteers if it’s going ahead.



  1. 6th Class Graduation

27th June at 7.30pm

Format is usually Mass followed by handing out of scrolls then tea/coffee food.

PA volunteers needed.

5th Class parents will be asked for food donations for the night.  Message to be organised and sent from school.

Sheila to check with Brian re cake.

PA to organise 2 bowls of sweets for 6th Class students.



  1. PA Finances Update

Bingo takings were up 350Euro on last year.

Total from the takings Door, Raffle & Shop totalled 2374.35Euro

Door money is taken as payment by Bingo providers.

Raffle & Shop money were split 50/50 between the school & the PA.  529.68Euro each.

Total in account as of 20.05.19 2172Euro

Some cheques to be cashed so PA total usable funds are 1700Euro approx.

This will help with all the upcoming events – Fun Day, Graduation etc



AOB – Any other business


  • Walking Bus

PA to organise treat for kids on walking bus at the end of the year.  Estelle to organise.


  • New Junior Infant Class introduction day – May 15th

PA provided complimentary tea & coffee .


  • School Directory

Confirmation required if copy is be sent to new Junior Infants classes in September.


  • Jessies projects –good feedback re letter received from parents from the 6th class re Jessie project detailing what was being sold and prices etc.
  • AGM date – to be set at next meeting.


PA AGM 29th September

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