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Parent Association Meeting 29th November 2018

Ennis National Parents Association

                    Minutes of meeting held 29th November


Attendees : Estelle Burke (Chairperson), Sheila O’Connor (Treasurer), Lisa Carr, Claire O’Connell, Brian O’Grady, Sarah Lucey, Tanja Tomas, Bob Enright (Acting Vice Principal ENS), John McFarlane, Tracey Brennan


Apologies : Karen Mangan (Secretary), Cliodhna Kelly, Sinead Clinton, John O’Connor (B.O.M ENS), Emer O’Reilly (B.O.M ENS)


  1. Review of minutes of last meeting


The minutes of the previous meeting were proposed and seconded.


  1. BOM Update


No BOM update.


  1. School Quiz 24th October


School Quiz night was a big success.  More tables than last year filled approx 80 tables.  The tuck shop was busy all night so next year it might be worth getting in more stock.  Approx 200Euros made in the tuck shop by the PA.  This will go towards future events in the school.  Any stock left over will be used in the tuck shop at the school disco.


  1. Halloween Hobble


A lovely school tradition and it was enjoyed by all.  Lots of parent volunteers showed up to help with the walking of all the Junior Infants & Senior Infants around town.


  1. AGM 8th of November


There were 2 positions to be filled in the committee.  Committee consists of a maximum of 14 members – 12 parents and 2 BOM representatives.  An EGM would need to be held if this was to be changed.  A decision was made to leave the set up as it is as there will be more positions to be filled next year. Also it was decided to ask interested parties if they would like to help out at any events during the year.  All parents can help out.

PA plan, in January, to discuss how to make more parents aware that they can help at school events where the PA lend a hand.  To be discussed further in January meeting.



  1. Christmas Trees


Christmas Trees put up in the school on the morning of the school disco Friday 7th December.  Ger puts the trees up and the PA decorate them.

4 volunteers are needed to decorate the trees.  Lisa, Brian and Heather (Johns wife) have volunteered.  UPDATE NO VOLUNTEERS NEEDED – 6TH CLASS DECORATING TREE WITH GER.


Each child/family in the school can bring in a bauble to be hung on one of the trees – Bob Enright to organise reminder to be sent out via Aladdin.


  1. School Disco


School disco on Friday 7th December 6.30pm – 8pm.  The PA run the tuck shop that night. Volunteers for the tuck shop are – Sarah, Claire, Tracey, Tanja, Sheila, John, Brian, Cliodhna & Karen.

Volunteers need to be in the halla for 6pm for set up.

Sheila to organise float and till.  Tracey to bring in second cash box.

Barbara who works in Mangans – she has children in the school – has offered a novelty photo frame and balloons free of charge for the night.  Sheila to organise.




  1. Christmas Concerts


PA provide complimentary tea/coffee & biscuits before each Christmas concert.

PA to ensure a sign is up to inform parents of the complimentary tea/coffee & biscuits.

Estelle to organise milk & biscuits.

Volunteers needed 20 minutes before each show to help set up.


Volunteers for each show are as follows


12th December Wednesday

9.15am 1st Class – Estelle, Lisa, Claire & Karen

11.30am 2nd Class Sing Along Carol Service – Karen, Lisa & Sinead


14th December Friday

9.15am Senior Infants – Sarah, Lisa, Karen & Cliodhna

11.30am 3rd Class – Tracey, Sheila & Sinead


18th December Tuesday

9.30am Junior Infants – Sheila, Lisa & Karen

11.30am 4th Class – Brian, Claire & Tanja


20th December Thursday

11.45am Band Concert – Sheila, Brian & Sinead




  1. Confirmation / Communion DVD


There were issues with previous years DVD production so last year the PA did not organise a DVD for either the Confirmation or the Communion.

Parents in the Communion class organised Tony Kelly to do the DVD last year which was very successful.

It was decided that the PA would take back on this responsibility for the upcoming Confirmation & Communion.  Estelle to speak to Tony Kelly and book him for both.



  1. World Autism Day


A suggestion was made to the PA & school to highlight in the school World Autism Day.  Which is on the 2nd of April 2019.  A suggestion was made that maybe the pupils could wear blue and donate  1Euro, also for a talk to be given by Rachel Culligan to raise awareness of autism. And maybe a coffee morning to be held in the halla.

Bob Enright to raise this idea in the school.  PA to help if needed.

Everyone felt it as a good idea to raise awareness, further discussion needed on the best way to do this and fit in with other activities in the school.



  1. Finances


Finances for the PA are healthy.

More stock needed for disco.

Treats to be organised for the walking bus in December – chocolate lollies – Deirdre has been doing this herself but PA have decided to help out and organise them to be given to Deirdre.  To be purchased.


  1. AOB


Cinema Trip

It was raised by a parent to the PA that the yearly trip to the cinema in December can turn out quite costly for large families.  Bob Enright to raise with school to see if there is any room for price reduction with cinema.

It was also raised that there is no facilities in the school for children not wishing to go on the cinema trip.

No date for cinema trips confirmed as yet.


World Book Day

March 7th is World Book Day. It was raised to the PA to see if this would be something this school would want to do. It was felt there would be additional pressure on parents and it is a busy time of year in the school with different activities.  It was decided that it would not be done as the school will be prioritising other things at that time of year.


Bothar Sale

Claire raised that if a class teacher tells pupils to only bring in X amount can the class in charge of the sale bring that class to the appropriately priced items in a room. Bob Enright to raise with the school.  Also Bob Enright to send a reminder about the Bothar Sale out on Aladdin.


Child Safeguarding Statement

School completed the Chilld Safeguarding Statement.

Bob Enright gave a copy of the Child Safeguarding Statement to the PA.


Garda Vetting

John & Tracey to get Garda vetted for the PA.  Bob Enright to get forms from the school.



School Photos

Date to be confirmed by Bob Enright.


Flag Day

It is held on the last Saturday in January – 26th January.


School Garden

Claire raised that the top soil is being organised and needs to know if the school is ready to receive it.  A builder from the new Hawthorns build is to deliver it.  Bob Enright to check if the school is ready.


Fundraiser for next year

To be discussed further in the January meeting. 



Next Meeting 17th January 2019 at 8pm

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