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Parents Association Meeting 4th March 2019

Parents Association minutes of Meeting held 4 th March 2019

1 Review of last meetings minutes

2 Board of Management Up
● Proposed new layout for carpark – copy of proposed site layout plan
circulated to all in attendance. They have reviewed all alternative options of
the carpark. The best plan was for a new set down area to be at the bottom of
the carpark where current bus spaces will be reduced to one. A barricade will
be erected behind this with a footpath for pupils to safely access the drop/
pick up area. There will be a covered shelter at this location. The green area
will be straightened, and some new parking spaces will be created as a result.
It remains to be confirmed whether two or four spaces will be created on the
right-hand side of the green area with both options due to be priced/ costed.
All work to be completed by October.
● It was highlighted that the current fourth class has a large number and it is
important that we ensure strong incoming numbers in the future junior infants,
thus ensuring retention of teacher quota.
● An update on the he status of the new playground. A plan has been put in
place when it is open on how to police it hopefully this will take place at the
end of Easter.
● Biodiversity Garden – monies have been allocated

3 Confirmation
● DVD – 2 parents independent of the PA are looking after this. Notices have
been sent out to parents
● Set up on Friday at 2.30 PM. Volunteers have confirmed.
● Reception Saturday – Notification to remind 5 th class parents for donations of
4 Bingo – 29 th March
Spot prizes to be sourced. Seeking support to canvas for prizes through the school
community. Books will be sold on the night for €5 per child and €10 per adult.
Volunteers required for the night and also volunteers for the carpark. Raffle tickets
will also be sold during this event.

5 Wear green to school

The annual “Wear green to school” takes place on Friday the 15 th of March. The PA
will not be seeking donations this year from students

6 Wear blue to school
Wear blue to school on 2 nd April for “World Autism Awareness Day”, A small donation
will be required to raise funds for the Ennis voice for autism. Rachel Culligan was
also acknowledged having come into the school for delivering a general talk on
autism. This was received very positively by all.

It was suggested that due to PA funds being in a very healthy position, a coin
separator/coin counter could potentially be purchased for future committee’s for
events such as flag days and other fundraisers.
It was agreed between two members to work on compiling a folder for future PA
committee’s consolidating all useful information/ contacts etc.

Next Meeting, Monday 25 th March at 8PM

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