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Ennis NS – Goals & supporting actions for remainder of 2015-19 BOM term

ENS – Goals & supporting actions for remainder of 2015-19 BoM term

  1. Promote the continued professional and personal development of staff
    • Create a budget to (partially) fund targeted training and incentivise CPD
    • Support the development of leadership capacity in post holders


  1. Support the needs of prioritised pupils in the areas of mental health, bereavement & separation counselling and challenging behaviour
    • Subject to budget – allocate funds to provide necessary counselling (in addition to any Counselling Grant received from Tusla)
    • Support staff to receive the required training to deal with pupils presenting with challenging behaviour
    • Endorse the Incredible Years Teacher Classroom Management Programme (TCM) and provide funding for staff not already trained in this programme


  1. Maintain school enrolment (target 635) to ensure three streams in all years
    • Actively engage with local crèches and pre-schools


  1. Pursue solutions for parking and access to ENS
    • Advocate for behavioural and physical infrastructure improvements to reduce safety risks for children arising during drop-off and collection from school
    • Work with Clare County Council, the Diocese of Killaloe and the Department of Education & Skills to ensure the school’s traffic management plan addresses child safety and traffic congestion at school drop-off and collection times
    • Promote “Smart Travel to School” initiatives amongst parents and school staff


  1. Resolve on-going “building issues” – leaks, water quality, air-con & paint
    • Continue working with the DES, Stewarts and contractors to close issues


  1. Improve communication within the school and wider school community
    • Invest in new website
    • Replacement of IT equipment on a rolling basis, as deemed necessary
    • Regular review of internal and external means of communication
    • Use appropriate opportunities for PR


  1. Engage with the Financial Support Services Unit (FSSU) to ensure compliance with DES Circular Number 0060/2017 within the required timeframe (2018/19 school year
    • Migrate to suggested FSSU templates for monitoring school income and expenditure (during the 2017/18 school year)
    • Adopt standardised national template for annual accounts before commencement of 2018/19 school year


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