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Ennis National Parents Association Minute of meeting held 18th January 2018


 The New Committee was introduced

  1. Disco Tuck Shop

The tuck shop made a profit of €485.88 which was lodged into the Parents Association account which will go towards running costs for the year.

  1. School Concerts

The PA provided complimentary tea/coffee again this year.

  1. Flag Day

A permit to hold our annual flag day has been granted for Saturday27th January. A letter has been sent home in all pupils schoolbags to recruit volunteers to assist on the day. This year we hope to be as successful as we have been in previous year.

  1. School Photos Friday 26thJanuary 2018

Volunteers from the PA will be on hand to help coordinate the students on the day and make sure they are at their most presentable with some last-minute fixing/grooming for their very important photograph. Text to be sent out on Thursday evening to remind that full uniform should be worn on that Friday.

  1. Confirmation Sat 10th March 2018

Volunteers will be required for the reception in the school hall on this date, this be will   discussed in more detail at the next meeting.

  1. Easter Bingo Night

It was agreed that a bingo night should be held just before the Easter break again this year. It has proved in previous years to be a very successful event and thoroughly enjoyed by all ages. To be further discussed at next meeting.

  1. First Aid Training

We addressed the possibility of getting more members of staff trained and up to date in First Aid.

  1. Active Homework Challenge

ENS has signed up with Clare Sports Partnership to take on the Active Homework Challenge. Commencing next Monday January 22nd for 3 weeks every child from Junior Infants to Sixth Class will receive a diary to record their daily activities. It will be kept interesting as a new exercise daily will be demonstrated by their teacher that the kids will perform at home and a star system is in place for the amount of exercise they carry out.  On completion of this exercise after 3 weeks all diaries are to be collected and returned to the Clare Sports Partnership. If all diaries are returned they will enter our school into a draw where we could win 6 hours of physical activity for the pupils/teachers.  We also discussed the success of “Health Awareness Week” last year and details on how parents could get involved with these events will be confirmed at a later time.


  1. School Beanies

The introduction of new school beanies was discussed and seen as great way of promoting the school while also very practical for the pupils.  At present there are two designs in place and the final details are currently in motion.


It was brought to our attention that all members of the Parents Association may have to be Garda Vetted due to occasional dealings with pupils. This will be clarified as quickly as possible.

Date of next meeting : 1st March 2018

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