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Cycling School of the Year 2020


A proud day for Ennis National School as we were crowned ‘Cycling School of the Year 2020’ as part of the Green Schools Travel Green Flag Awards. Our cycling bus had a big part to play in this.  A big thanks to the parents volunteers who meet up every Friday to accompany the children to school.  It is very evident that there are more children cycling to school as our bicycle shed is full everyday.

Our walking bus was mentioned also. They were very impressed with how Ennis National School are doing their part to promote walking and cycling. I would like to thank our parent volunteers who are co-ordinated by Dave Lucey.  Mr. Eoin Walsh and Mr. Paddy Vaughan are there every morning to meet the bus as they walk up to school.  And I would like to thank all the children who take part in the walking bus.  I have no doubt the get great enjoyment from it.

I would like to thank Ms. Aoife Kelly, our Green Schools Co-ordinator, who entered us into the Green School Travel Awards.  Ms. Kelly has also done great work with her class in our garden . I would like to thank Ms. Sharon Murphy and Ms. Sarah Bennett for helping out on the Green School initiatives also.

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