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Ms Walshe Work – School Closure Wk 5

Dear Parents and Children,

Hope you are all doing well again this week and that you enjoyed some early summer sunshine yesterday. We have been really lucky with the weather we have been having! I sat outside and read my book for a little while yesterday and it was a lovely thing to do – I needed sunglass though as it was quite bright 🙂 I was delighted to hear from lots of my students this week either on Dojo through portfolios or through parent’s email addresses. Keep sending them and the lovely pictures too as I’ve been missing everyone!

Please find below all the work you need for this week. The Bua na Cainte download was too difficult last week, so I thought now might be a good time to do some revision from our book and I have attached a new Litriú list this week. Try to support your child by listening to their pronunciation and helping them learn the Litriú by asking them at least 3x during week.

I am so excited about this week’s Art and Geography – I hope you like it! Also, I am organising a musical surprise in the next coming weeks with BENE & CORMAC. They are the new musicians we are studying this week. I can’t tell you the surprise yet but I really need you to focus on the reading and especially the answers to the comprehension questions – they will come in handy at a later date 🙂

I have also updated Accelerated Reader targets, so if you can make sure you are reading and doing quizzes that would be great. Targets are due to be met at the end of May so you have plenty of time. Remember to login through Ennis National website.

That’s it for now for this week, keep an eye on Dojo for two video tutorials this week. One for Art on Tuesday and one for addition task on Friday.

Miss you all,

Ms Walshe 🙂 3X Numberrock Revision 6X Numberrrock 10@10 P.E BENE & CORMAC  Velocity  Ask About Ireland Website/ Wildflower Fact