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Ms Walshe Work 18th-22nd May

Dear Parents and Children,


Please find all the work that is suggested for this week below. I hope you are all doing great this week as we face into another week of working at home. Well done to everyone both children and parents as it is very strange having to do all this work at home. I just wanted to say you are doing brilliantly 🙂

I hope you love Scoil na Mara this week, my friend Máiréad is a Marine Biologist and spends her time exploring the seashore of Ireland. She works really hard to make sure all the wonderful species of plant and animal life around the ocean stay happy and healthy! A bit like how we were trying to encourage biodiversity in our new biodiversity garden at school – we had come up with lots of great ideas in class. Maybe you could discuss the word biodiversity with the adults or younger brothers and sisters so they know what it is 🙂

Again we are looking at time this week. This week the children will be learning to exchange minutes for hours and vice versa – they will probably need more support than in the last few weeks with this. I have included videos on DOJO for the children to refer to.

Good luck and have a lovely week!

Ms Walshe Scoil Mara  Scoil na Mara The Body Coach for Kids Numberrock 8x Tables 10@10