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Ms Walshe – School Closure Wk 2

Hello All,

Hope everyone is doing well! These are guidelines of work to try get through this week. I’m very mindful that this transition is challenging and don’t want anyone under extra pressure or stress so do what you can.

I have tried to find as much independent work as possible so children should be able to complete the majority of this work independently, don’t let them fool you! 🙂

A new element this week is ‘Free Writing’. Children should write for 15 mins about anything they like. Here they do not need guidance or spellings checked – setting a 15 minute timer can help keep the children motivated. But it should be a fun, non-directed activity where the children can experiment with their own writing.

Also please find links attached for times tables and Bunratty Castle Sketch. Feel free to any fun pictures to ClassDojo to keep the children in touch and motivated. Also contact me there at any time, if necessary.

Thanks and take care.

Ms Walshe Let it Be  X12 Tables

Bunratty Castle Link (This is a Twinkl link so if you logged it before it may ask for those details)