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Ms. Harding’s Homework Week 5 and 6 of Closure 20th April- 1st May





Cula 4 – Home school Irish daily on TnaG 10-10.30



  1. Write 4 sentences in Irish about each picture, read one  story out at the end of each week via video.


2. Translate from English to Irish (please don’t use google translate!). Read out one at the end of each week via video. Please use your vocabulary above and your verbs list.

3. Write the news a few times over the next 2 weeks. Read a sample via Class Dojo.


4. Occasionally watch TnaG

5. Read along with the following story.





1.Read Read Read- don’t forget AR Tests!

2. Write a daily diary and read out a sample for Class Dojo.

3. Send regular emails to a class mate or relative.

4. Read Unit 24-The Scarlet Rose pg 96 The Talking Horse and complete the activities.

5. Write an Acrostic poem about HOME.- Send via Class Dojo

6. Write a story about having superpowers for a day.



1.Continue  to practice skip counting for 5 min each day (5s /6s)

2. Data

Data Information

Tally Chart Display Poster

Table Display Poster


Data Powerpoint










3. Computation work


Religion- Grow in Love


Password: growinlove

Don’t forget to continue with your Daily Challenges.


Dance Challenge-

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