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Board of Management Update February 22nd 2021

The most recent meeting and the last meeting of the current Board of Management took place on Monday February 22nd   2021. This meeting was conducted through the online platform Zoom, due to COVID 19 restrictions.  At the meeting the following items were discussed:

  • Principal’s Report
  • School Accounts
  • COVID 19 Update
  • Career Break and Job Share
  • Junior Infant Enrolment
  • ENS Goals and Supporting Actions for the Remainder of the BOM term 2019-2023
  • School Website
  • Maintenance and Cleaning
  • Understanding and Living the Ethos
  • School Activities
  • Professional Development
  • Attendance
  • Child Protection
  • Astroturf pitch
  • In Person Supplementary Programme
  • Walking Bus
  • Remote learning
  • Request from Pre School

Next Meeting was set for Monday April 19th  2021

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