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Board of Management Update 24th April 2018

The most recent meeting of the Board of Management took place on 24th April 2018. At the meeting the following items were discussed:

·        School staffing requests

·        School Finance

·        Principal’s Report 

·        Review of number of students to be accepted for TY Work Experience Placements.  Six placements to be accepted annually on a first come, first served basis.

·        BOM reviewed report on parking and school access by the consultant.  BOM to investigate the installation of a dedicated ‘Drop Off’ zone close to where the school bus currently parks.

·       BOM adopted the proposed school calendar for 2018/2019. Pupils will return to school on August 30th. 

·        BOM approved and ratified a revised Attendance Policy.

·        BOM sanctioned proposed allocation of places in the ASD Class for September 2018.

·        BOM asked that the Health and Safety Risk Assessment be amended to take consideration of movement of children to and from the school.

·        A revised First Aid Policy was approved and ratified.

The next meeting of the Board of Management will be held on 28th May 2018.

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