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Parent Association Meeting 25th March 2019

Parents Association minutes of Meeting held 25th March 2019

1          Minutes of previous meeting proposed and seconded


2          Confirmation

A large number of people came back to school reception this year. It is going from strength to strength and becoming part of the confirmation celebrations. Please note that there were not enough hands to assist on the day with only 4 volunteers and we need to be more conscious going forward especially with bigger classes in future.


3          Bingo

A list of donations made to date and will add any further ones for

acknowledgment on the night. Badminton has been cancelled so setup can

take place Friday at 2.30pm.




National Parents Council Training Programme

The chairperson put to the table training sessions available from the National

Parents Council for primary schools’ which parents can avail of. Agreed

choice was – Supporting parents to support their child’s Mental Health and

Wellbeing (all courses focus on the key message of the important role that

parents can play in support of and partnership with the school).


School Jumpers

The issue of having fraying with sleeves of the school jumper. It was felt by

some that this was inevitable due to every day wear and tear. Also the fading

of the black jumper a few washes and having a worn look quickly. No follow

up was suggested as it is only a new addition to the uniform.


Next Meeting, Monday 29th April at 8PM

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