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Parent Association Meeting 31st January 2019

Ennis National Parents Association

                    Minutes of meeting held 31st January 2019



  1. Review of minutes of last meeting


The minutes of the previous meeting were proposed and seconded.


  1. BOM Update


Mr. Troy gave a short update on the progress of the playground build. The infants’ playground is due to be completed by the 2nd week of February. The 1st/2nd/3rd playground build is due to be started the first week of February.


  1. School Disco 7th December


This event was a great success, with parents approving of the separate area for juniors and that the event did not clash with the Late Late Toy Show. PA ran the tuck shop that night taking in €936 (with an outlay of €340).



  1. Christmas Concerts


The concerts went off well. PA provided teas/coffees.


  1. Green School


The Green Schools Committee has decided to move Ennis NS forward as a paper-free cup school. PA has purchased alternatives to paper and plastic disposable cups and will look at more opportunities to be provided for recycling at events.


  1. Flag Day 26th January


The Flag Day had a total intake of €2193.26 (Down from €2742-52 last year). It was down from 9 collection points last year to 6 this year due to a reduction in volunteer numbers. Feedback from volunteers was that it was a good idea to specify (on the bucket) what the collection was for – school garden this year.


  1. School Photos 29th January


County Photos took the school photos on Tuesday 29th January.


  1. Art Exhibition/International Evening 30th January


The Art Exhibition/International Evening was a great success, with a huge turnout. The art exhibition made €850 but this was absorbed by associated costs.



  1. Confirmation (DVD and Reception) 9th March


Tony Kelly has been booked to do the DVD for both Confirmation & Communion.  A text message will be sent via Aladdin closer to the date asking for families of 5th class students to donate baked goods for the Confirmation reception.


  1. World Autism Day 2nd April


To raise awareness of autism, a speaker will be confirmed. The pupils can wear blue on that day and donate 1 Euro /€2 per family – funds to be donated to Ennis Voices for Autism.


  1. Finances


Finances for the PA are healthy.  (Approx €2500)


  1. AOB


A date has to be found for the bingo fundraiser, normally a Friday. Currently looking at Friday 29th March but this date is not finalised.


Wear Green to School day

This PA fundraiser is normally before St. Patrick’s Day but it was agreed to postpone this until later in the year given that there will be an option/donation to Wear Blue to School on World Autism Day on 2nd of April 2019.


Knitting group

PA will give a cheque for €100 to Ms Harding’s Craft and Knitting lunchtime club.


Next Meeting 4th March  2019 at 8pm

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