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Parents Association Meeting 17th October 2018

Ennis National Parents Association

Minutes of meeting held 17th October 2018



  1. Review of minutes of last meeting


The minutes of the previous meeting were proposed and seconded.



  1. Gratitude Tree Friday 19th October


Ms. Fitzgerald is organising a gratitude tree and on Friday all children will have an opportunity to write on a leaf to say what they are grateful for.3-4 volunteers required to assist on the day.


  1. Wellness Talks


On Tuesday 23rd October coaching Psychologist Bríd Kennnedy will hold two sessions for parents, one in the morning and the same repeated in the evening for parents who are unavailable in the morning. Notification of this event to be put on FB parents information page and also Aladdin.


4.School Quiz 24th October


The Quiz night has been confirmed for Wednesday 24th October. Volunteers from committee are required for setting up the Halla on the afternoon of Wednesday and to run the shop on the night. Also to collect the answer cards and help tidy up the hall afterwards.



  1. Halloween Hobble


The annual hobble takes place on Friday 26th– two volunteers per class are require to assist that morning for walk around the town.


  1. AGM 8th November


The Parents Association AGM will take place on 8th November at 8pm.  We will be looking to recruit two new members. A post to be sent out on Facebook Information page and Aladdin to all parents to notify them of the AGM.


  1. School Disco


The annual School Disco is will take place on DATE TO BE CONFIRMED. DJ will have been booked at this stage and as always the Parents Association will run a tuc shop on the night. To be further discussed after AGM.


Also Christmas Trees need to be put up the morning of this. Volunteers required from PA.


  1. Beanie Hats


Update required on whether this will be rolled out in the coming weeks.


  1. Confirmation / Communion DVD


The PA did not organise a videographer last year. Two parents independently took it upon themselves to arrange this and booked Tony Kelly who was a huge success. To be discussed further at next meeting to agree if the PA will arrange this going forward.



  1. AOB


Suggestions were put forward regarding a class calendar and if we were to go ahead and do one for the upcoming year. It was agreed it is a nice keepsake to have. To be discussed at next meeting after AGM.





Next Meeting: AGM 8th November 2018

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