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Parents’ Association Meeting May 24th 2022

Parents’ Association Minutes
Date: 24th May
Time: 8pm
Venue: Staffroom ENS

Bob Enright
Claire O’Loughlin
Laura Ryan
Michelle Sommerly
Ifeoma Maugwuero
Elaine Lynch
Sandra Lopez
Nicole Kaiser
Emer O’Reilly
Ailish Browne

Communion outfits
This will be reviewed at the start of next year.
Fun Day – June 17th
● Volunteers needed (9 – 11 and 11 – 1) particularly for face painting.
● Juniors – 2nd and 3rd – 6th will have addition activities on their yards organised by
the PA.

6th Class Hoodies
● A shipping date of May 28th was given by the clothing company with the hoodies due
to arrive on June 1st. We are hoping they will arrive as promised and students will be
able to wear them from June 6th

Update from the BOM (summary)
● Thanks to those involved in helping welcome the Ukrainian families last Friday.
● School community as a whole working hard to help the students settle in.
● Walking bus pp and running and hoping to see an increase in numbers.
● Request for a pedestrian crossing outside the pedestrian gate at Eire Og has been
● Confirmation received from Clare co co that the proposed narrowing of the
Woodhaven entrance was advertised on 21st April. Closing date for public comments is today 24th May.
● Carried out a full review of play therapy available to the children that need it. All
needs are being met with additional resources provided from school funds.
● All Covid restrictions now lifted now but staggered home time to remain to manage
car park traffic.
● Agreed to appoint project manager to oversee the construction of the astro turf pitch.

● School Inspection – June 15th & 16th
● Clarity sought on best way for parents to communicate with teachers when

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