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Parents Association Meeting Nov 25th 2019



DATE OF MEETING: Monday November 25th, 2019

TIME: from 20:00 to 21:15


  • Short introduction by Chairperson to welcome all attendees to the meeting.
  • Reminded all members that Garda Vetting forms must be returned completed to Emer in the office.
  • Minutes from previous meeting were approved by Emer and seconded by Sarah.


Disco – Friday 6th December 18.30 to 20.00

  • Stock assessment and purchase of goods including Walking Bus – committee member assigned to action task.
  • Consider introducing healthier options to tuc shop – agreed to introduce popcorn and raisins as healthy options along with more mineral water.
  • Liaise with Ger to set up halla – tables, chairs and kitchen – agreed.
  • Christmas themed table covers and centre pieces – discussed options proposed and it was agreed to decorate with colour lights – no need to buy extra decorations.
  • Volunteers required to set up, attend the shop and tidy up – assigned.
  • Treasurer – to provide float on the night – agreed.
  • Treasurer – to confirm that bank name authorisation has been completed – in progress.
  • Car park/school yard – discuss with Mr. Troy & communicate to parents – the school asks the PA to help them source a light for the car park for the coming events by asking the parent body (builders, etc) – school also agreed look after the volunteers for the car park.
  • Agreed to set up from 2pm – 3pm – tables in two long rows with chairs at either side, benches along other sides. Toddler area to be set up following last year’s example.
  • Cash boxes to be donated by committee members.
  • Suggested pricing sweet boxes and items for sale on the night – stickers sourced.
  • Badminton to be cancelled – agreed that school will communicate this.
  • Committee members to meet at 6.10pm
  • Agreed no tea/coffee on the night

Christmas Concerts – Wednesday 11th December to 18th December

  • Complimentary tea/coffee served by PA.
  • Buy milk & biscuits – committee member assigned.
  • Rota suggested and agreed by all members.

Nollaig sa Nash – Christmas Craft Fair – 18th December 18.00 to 20.00

  • School requests PA’s assistance on the night – suggested and agreed for PA to run a raffle with spot prizes on the night to raise funds to buy an outside light for the car park.
  • Volunteers for event– committee members assigned.
  • Raffle prices – suggested PA asks the parent community if they can donate spot prizes (approx. 50 prizes) and to drop them in to Mr. Troy’s office before the event.
  • Communication – committee member assigned to communicate this request to parent body as soon as possible.
  • Car park – School agreed to provide volunteers for car park but will notify PA if more are required.
  • Agreed no coffee/tea on the night

Flag Day – Saturday, 25th January 2020

  • Permit for Flag Day in progress – requested and confirmed for Saturday 25th January 2020.
  • To communicate date and the need for volunteers to parents via Facebook, SMS, Newsletter, Aladdin – to be discussed on the next PA Meeting.
  • Liaise with local shops to request their permission to stand outside their premises in advance – committee members assigned to action this. In progress.

School Photos – Tuesday, 28th January 2020

  • Date confirmed – Tuesday, 28th January 2020
  • School to update calendar with confirmed date
  • 2 to 3 PA volunteers to help the teachers coordinate on the day – to be added to next meeting’s agenda.

Reusable cups for hot drinks

  • Proposal discussed but having verified current levels of stock, it was decided to revisit this option down the line if necessary.

Cycling Bus

  • PA insurance policy for parent volunteers discussed – it was confirmed all parent volunteers will be covered while marshalling the cyclists.
  • It was agreed the collaboration of the committee members to encourage other parents and children to join the cycling bus and help promote the initiative.
  • PA to send a communication to all parents asking for volunteers and another one on Thursday evening reminding them about the cycle on Friday morning. Mr. Troy to send a SMS.


Other business

National Parents Council – Affiliation to be renewed – Treasurer to action this. In progress.




It was suggested that children in ASD units allowed to be dropped at staff car park.



Suggested parents with children affected, should approach the school on a one to one basis.


Board of Management’s Update

  • BOM confirmed the names of the two community representatives who will join the current board: Brian Howard & Aine Gleeson.
  • The newly formed Board of Management will meet for the first time in 10 days.
  • The school & Board of Management seek the PA’s help to organise a fundraiser in 2020 to raise up to €20K for an astro turf pitch – ideas for the fundraiser to be discussed at next PA meeting.


Next PA MeetingTuesday 7th January 2020 @20.00 in the Staff Room – New ideas welcome!


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