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All parents/guardians of children attending Ennis National School are members of the parent association, with a number of parents elected to the committee. Year after year, our school is lucky to have a very active committee of enthusiastic, interested parents each with their own skills and reasons for getting involved.

The Parents Association provide a structure through which the parents/guardians, of children attending Ennis National School can work together with the school representatives. They work with the Principal, Staff and Board of Management to build effective partnerships between home and school, thus promoting the interests of the pupils.

They undertake a programme of activities in consultation with the school Principal that promotes the involvement of parents, and that supports the pupils, parents and staff.

Members are elected to the Parents Association for a minimum of 2 years. Meetings are held on the school premises once a month, during the school year, in the evening.

The Parents Association finances its activities through fundraising specifically for the work of the Parents Association – most of our fundraising is provided through the tuck shops provided at the quiz nights and discos.

Elaine Keating – Chairperson | Enara Hehir – Secretary | Sarah Lucey – Treasurer

The following are activities that Ennis National School Parents Association manage or help out with throughout the school year:

  • Tea/Coffee Reception for parents of the new Junior Infants
  • Assisting in the Halloween Hobble
  • Assisting with the Halloween Quiz and running a tuck shop on the night
  • Tea/Coffee Reception at the Christmas Concerts
  • Running a tuck shop on the night of the Christmas Disco
  • Organising and managing the annual Flag Day
  • Facilitating the annual Photo Day at the school
  • Organising an Easter Fun Event (in the past this has been a Bingo night or another Quiz)
  • Organising and managing the Communion, Confirmation and Graduation receptions for students and their family
  • Organising commemorative hoodies for the 6th class students
  • Helping to recruit volunteers for the annual Fun day / Sports Day in June. Ordering and paying for the bouncy castles, face painters, dancers etc on the day.

Dispelling the Myths!!!

You must be a “Stay-At-Home” parent to be on the committee.
False! Most committee members have full time jobs. There are very few activities that take place during the school day. The Halloween Hobble, Christmas Concerts and the School Photo day are the exception to this.

If you are a member of the Parents Association you must be part of EVERY activity they assist with.
False! Obviously you need to play your part, but it is not expected that individuals do ALL of the work ALL of the time. Some people will be able to cover day time events – others do the evening.

You must be from Ennis (or at the very least from Co. Clare) to be a member of the Parents Association.
False! Our current committee is made up of parents from Clare, Limerick, Donegal, Dublin, Poland, Nigeria to name but a few. The committee endeavours to represent ALL the nationalities of ALL of our children – but it is up to YOU to put your name forward!

Being a member of the Parents Association is a bit of work but good fun is always part of it!
True, True, True!
Please read the testimonials below from previous and current committee members. It is a truly rewarding and enjoyable role and one which your own child(ren) will take great pride and pleasure out of having their parent play.


“It gave me a connection with the school community which I feel has been invaluable as my children
progressed through the school”
Leahnora Clohessy

“I enjoyed the comradery and the support from other parents in helping to make events at the school as special as possible for all.”
Linda Kochhar

“I got involved when my eldest child was in Junior infants and I’m glad I did. He was delighted that I was helping out and it was a lot of fun and a great way to meet people. I’d recommend it!”
Emer O’Reilly

“It has given me a great sense of community and feeling of involvement in the school.
It has helped me meet new people and get to know the school better.  It has been lovely to be involved in all the extra events held in the school and see how everyone enjoys them or benefits from them.  From a personal point of view as I’m not originally from the area and didn’t know many people it has helped greatly in making me feel part of the school & community.”
Lisa Kidney

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my time on the Parents Association. I joined thinking I would just be helping out making cups of tea and coffee (and for a large part I was!) – I never realised I would actually gain so much from my involvement. There is great satisfaction in being a part of the fun aspect of your child’s school year. My 7 year old loved having his mammy on the committee – I think he thought I was an honorary teacher!”
Edel Flynn

Parents' Association News

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