Ennis NS Child Protection Policy

Ennis National School has adopted a Child Protection Policy which is reviewed annually. Child Protection concerns should be reported to the Designated Liaison Person who is Mrs Ann McMahon. Parents are advised to read the full Child Protection Policy which is published on the school website under the Resources section. All allegations and suspicions of child abuse have to be reported to the HSE.

Custody of Children

The school must be made aware of any court orders that relate to the care of children. This is necessary to ensure that the child is always in the care of the parent given the authority. The school treats all such cases confidentially.

Medication Policy

In general, school staff will not give tablets or medication to pupils without full written instructions from parents. Forms are avail-able from the office. This is in line with school and Department of Education and Skills policy. Teachers do not enter lightly into an agreement to administer medication, and wherever possible, parents should come to the school to administer medication.

Parents should also request from their doctor medication that does not need to be taken during the school day.

Under no circumstances is medication to be kept in the child’s school bag.

If a child has a serious medical condition or allergy which may require emergency treatment, please contact the school office so that appropriate arrangements can be made.


If your child is absent from school, on his/her return please write a note, or use notes in school diary, and record (1) the dates of absence, (2) reasons for absence and (3) parent’s/guardian’s signature.

Should the absence exceed 3 days, parent’s/guardian’s are required to contact the school with an explanation.

The Education Welfare Act states that it is the duty of parents to ensure that children attend school every day. It also requires schools to monitor pupils attendance and to notify the Education Welfare Board of pupils who are absent for 20 days in total. Our school policy is as follows:


  1. Teachers will keep records of pupils who are regularly late and inform the Principal.
  2. The Principal will speak to parents.
  3. If the pupil continues to be late, the Principal will write to parents outlining details of time missed.


  1. The class teacher will inform the Principal of pupils who have been absent for 20 days.
  2. When a child has been absent for 20 days, for whatever reason, the Principal is obliged to forward details to the Education Welfare Officer. Details to be for-warded include: pupils name and ad-dress, parents names, date of birth, number of days absent.
  3. The Principal will inform parents when he has forwarded details of absences to the Education Welfare Board.

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